10 Design Trends For 2024 (2024)

In With the Old, Out With the New

While we’ve always believed in the power of vintage, we think that now more than ever vintage is making a massive statement. Vintage rugs and other found items are not just uniquely charming but are also a testament to their inherent sustainability, furthering the appeal. We love to style a mix of old and new, with a primary focus on curating the perfect balance of found items that speak to each individual room. It's about storytelling through your space while reflecting a deep appreciation for vintage design ethos. Effortlessly level-up your vintage game in 2024 with an authentic vintage rug or found French vessel that brings its own rich history and charm to your space.

A New Narrative to Your Personal Collections

The same way that vintage pieces infuse a special character to your home, we believe that the rise of the personal collection is back. Think beyond the shelves of indiscriminate items to a more thoughtful curation of objects that tell your unique story— books that have traveled with you through life, vessels that speak to your aesthetic journey, or specially found glassware that's been curated from near and far. Personal collections also help you connect with others, offering guests a glimpse into your world of personal nostalgia. Vintage classic books? Records? Etched glassware? Embroidered linens? There are endless opportunities to build a collection that, instead of clutter, offers a true personal character to your home.

A Nod to Feminine Detailing

Expect to see a continued affinity for the feminine charm of french-girl detailing. Think less florals but more ruffles, plaids and checkered patterns. These simple yet unique accents breathe new life into traditional forms, adding a touch of playfulness and texture that seriously elevate your everyday living. Also on our radar: cottage-core inspired details that are well thought-out but don’t steal the show. Some of our personal favorites include our Marion Pillow and Napa Berry Bowl. We love to see these details in everything from handmade pillows (like our Etta Pillow) and bedding to wooden casegoods (check out our Monroe Cabinet) and dining furniture (browse our Jules Dining Chair). Our bet is on this trend becoming even more widespread in 2024.

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Americana: A Nostalgic Blend of Classic and Comfort

2024 Marks a resurgence in Americana influences. Think classic, nearly masculine details such as tweeds, plaids, leathers, along with an unmatched appreciation for fine craftsmanship. This trend prediction goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's a celebration of timeless design elements that evoke a sense of almost 90’s nostalgia and comfort. Characterized by its influence from the rich heritage of American design, the America style is beautifully reminiscent of Ivy League prep and sophisticated whiskey libraries. Designers like Ken Fulk epitomize this trend, marrying moody hues with collected moments, creating spaces that feel both curated and intimately familiar. The Americana trend in 2024 is about embracing a warmer, more nuanced approach to styling your home. From the soft textures of tweed upholstery to the bold patterns of plaid throws, each element in this trend serves to create an ambiance of understated luxury. Spaces influenced by Americana are not just visually appealing; they are inviting, offering a comfortable retreat that feels like a truly welcoming home. Some of our current Americana obsessions: our Alden Pillow, Country Gingham Napkins, and Somerston Leather Chair.

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Italian Splatterware: A Playful Splash

Italian splatterware is set to make a vibrant statement in the 2024 design scene. Originating from traditional Italian pottery, this unique style offers a keenly playful element to your space. Known for its bold and spontaneous patterns, Italian splatterware adds a burst of color and personality to any vignette. Incorporating Italian splatterware into your home beautifully marries artisanal beauty and Mediterranean charm. Whether it's through eye-catching dinnerware, a statement vase, or decorative tiles, these pieces bring a well-styled, artistic flair to your home. Not only are splatter patterns visually striking, they tell a story of traditional craftsmanship blended with contemporary design sensibilities. In 2024, we expect to see Italian splatterware not only in kitchens and dining areas but also as accent pieces throughout the home.

A Return to Brown

2024 welcomes the resurgence of brown in home interiors. From the tactile comfort of linen furnishings, textured wall art and found stoneware pieces all the way to the sturdiness of wooden statement pieces, this versatile hue is making a sophisticated comeback. We think that the right brown can become the focal hue of your space, promising to infuse your space with a grounded, nurturing warmth. One of our favorite go-to browns is the Broccoli Brown by Farrow and Ball, infusing a warmly perfect muted tone to your space. Or opt for adding brown through other mediums such as tile (shoutout to our fav Cle Tile!) or linens (shop our Flocca Blanket in Bere or our Joss Pillow) for the easiest way to warm up your room with the perfect hues of brown.

Polished Accents: A Nod to Refined Elegance

Reflecting a trend that's gaining momentum in fashion, polished silver is making its way into our homes, lending a fresh yet retro feel to everyday spaces. This trend speaks to a broader movement of intentional and elevated design choices in all aspects of the home, where each detail is considered for its aesthetic and functional contribution to the overall space. The adoption of polished silver accents in hardware and other fixtures is a true nod to luxury. Polished nickel is a way to infuse a classic, traditional touch into modern homes, ensuring that even the smallest details contribute to a cohesive and curated look.

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Investing in Quality: A Shift Towards Sustainable Living

The year 2024 marks a significant shift in consumer habits towards more sustainable and intentional living. The move away from fast home fashion and impulse purchases is indicative of a broader trend: a commitment to quality and sustainability. This trend sees customers investing in high-quality home goods, rejecting the disposable home goods culture and instead embracing pieces that will age timelessly and continue to tell a story in your home. As people seek to make more mindful choices, the emphasis is on acquiring fewer but more heirloom-quality goods that reflect their values in a truly timeless and inherently sustainable way. There’s no better way to infuse both character and earthly ethos into your home than with a vintage rug or found decor object.

Embracing the Color Red: The Bold Yet Subtle Statement Maker

The color red is making a comeback in home interiors, adding a vibrant splash to the otherwise neutral and muted palettes dominating current trends. Incorporating red into your home- whether through accent pieces (like our Spanish Home Kitchen book), textiles, pillows (such as our Pillow Set XVII) or even a bold piece of art- promises to invigorate your space with a sense of energy and charm. It's about balancing the boldness of red with the tranquility of creams, browns, and taupes, allowing it to stand out without being overwhelming.

Reimagining Personal Spaces for Tranquility

In 2024, sustainable wellness in interior design is set to deepen its focus on creating spaces for personal tranquility and mindfulness. Envision your bedroom not just as a place to sleep, but as a sanctuary for end-of-day relaxation, with plush comforts, calming colors, and elements that promote a sense of calm and security. This approach to design reflects a holistic view of wellness, where your home nurtures both your physical and mental well-being. The focus will be on creating spaces that feel welcoming and grounding and invite you to relax, unwind, and reconnect. We like to indulge in pure relaxation with our Sacha Bath Collection, Flocca Duvet, and Everyday Incense Sticks.

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Our 2024 interior design predictions shape up to be a harmonious blend of past and future, with personal elements of character weaved in throughout. Now’s the time to design your home in a way that tells your own unique story, while embracing the beauty of the natural world and all else that inspires us in our design endeavors.

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