Attractions | Town of Gander (2024)

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Airport International Lounge

Visit the terminal at Gander International Airport on James Blvd and head to the Observation Area to see flights coming and going.

Marvel at the International Lounge, one of the most important Modernist rooms in Canada with furniture and themes from 1959, the inspirational “Birds of Welcome” sculpture by Art Price, and Kenneth Lochhead’s famous 22 m (72 ft) artwork “Flight and Its Allegories”.

Enjoy the new historical exhibit in the Lounge that features key exciting moments of Gander’s history. See a piece of World Trade Centre steel up close.

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Cobb's Pond Rotary Park

Walk around the 4 km boardwalk at Cobb’s Pond Rotary Park, take a minute at one of the viewing areas, and enjoy the fresh air and scenery this lovely park has to offer. Family-oriented, playground, picnicking, summer concerts, washrooms, wheelchair accessible.

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Come From Away Interpretive Panels

Our Come From Away interpretive panels provide details and first-hand accounts of the events that took place in Gander during 9/11. Panels are at key locations around Gander mentioned in the smash musical Come From Away. Each panel has a description of the role that particular site played during 9/11, giving you a uniquely immersive experience while reading about the events that took place at each location. A location map is available at the Town Hall (100 Elizabeth Dr) or by contacting

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Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery

Located just 3.5km east of Gander is the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery, final resting place for 100 World War II aircrew from several Allied nations of the British Commonwealth, including the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Most of the men buried here were killed in 17 aircraft crashes and accidents in Newfoundland during the War. For a diagram of the headstone layout, email Brian at

Golf Course

Tee off and play golf at the Gander Golf Club. Located on the Trans-Canada Highway in Gander, this 18 hole golf course has a beautiful clubhouse and rentals are available. Call 709-256-3931 for details.

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Heritage Memorial Park

On the corner of Lindbergh Road and Airport Blvd, Heritage Memorial Park is a place of quiet contemplation. Visitors can view and read the 125 (NL) Squadron R.A.F. Memorial and the War Monument, which reflect the military history of Gander. Especially poignant is the life-sized monument of the heroic life-saving Newfoundland dog Sgt. Gander and his wartime handler.

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North Atlantic Aviation Museum

The North Atlantic Aviation Museum is located on the Trans-Canada Highway overlooking Gander Lake. Through the careful collection, preservation and display of stories, photographs, documents and artifacts, the Museum chronicles the conquest of the North Atlantic and establishment of air routes linking the old world with the new. The modern interpretation centre is interactive and hands-on in many respects - view a DC-3 co*ckpit, examine 50 calibre machine guns up close, take control of the flight simulator or stroll among the various historic aircraft parked around the museum grounds. The Museum is also home to a dedicated 9/11 display which contains a piece of steel from the World Trade Centre.

Aircraft on display:

- Lockheed Hudson MkIII Bomber – 1 of only 8 in the world

- Consolidated Catalina/Canso PBY-5A Flying Boat

- Beech 18-S Expediter

- McDonnell CF-101 Voodoo Fighter/Interceptor

- DeHavilland DH-82 Tiger Moth

- Douglas DC-3 co*ckpit

Old Town Site

Walk Gander’s original 1930s-1950s townsite in the former airport sectors, revitalized today as Gander Heritage Trails. This light walking trail takes you back in time on WWII Gander streets, where storyboards tell the tales of the place that was home to more than 3,000 people who serviced the airport. Located off Circular Road, north of the runways. For directions, photos and history, search Gander Heritage Trails on Facebook.

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Silent Witnesses Memorial

A tranquil park dedicated to the memory of the 256 individuals who lost their lives on December 12, 1985 in the Arrow Air Crash. The Silent Witness Memorial depicts an American soldier standing atop a massive rock holding the hands of a civilian boy and girl. Each child holds an olive branch indicative of the peacekeeping mission of the 101st Airborne Division "Screaming Eagles" on the Sinai Peninsula. The trio look to the future as they are surrounded by the hills and trees of the crash site.

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Tennis Courts

Located at 101 Memorial Drive as part of the Field Complex. The Gander Community Tennis Association houses 4 courts.Attractions | Town of Gander (8)

Little Harbour Marina

A scenic spot for boating and fishing activities.

Launch your boat and set sail on 56 km (35 mi) Gander Lake. Attractions | Town of Gander (9)Public slipway. Located 7.6 km (4.5 mi) west of Gander on the TCH, via a 1.5 km (1 mi) dirt road.

Attractions | Town of Gander (2024)
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