Caramelized Corn With Fresh Mint Recipe (2024)

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wow! this was so good! I halved the butter, you honestly don't need a whole stick of butter. I'd add more mint next time.

Mark R

This was a nice way to prepare fresh corn. Yummy. On the highest heat on my stove, the corn was golden brown and ready (and beginning to pop all over the place) in 5 minutes. I took it off at that point and served it, and it was perfect. Next time I'll cook it at 3/4 heat for closer to the suggested 10 mins - with the aim of having the corn cooked well but not popping so quickly.

Mark R

Made this again to test my theory and it worked. A larger skillet with higher sides also helped.

Left Coast Cook

Easy and superb! I had some fresh corn from the farmer that I hadn't managed to use quickly - this recipe saved me! I combined it with one from Mark Bittman so added crumbled feta. His also calls for tomato, which would undoubtedly be a lovely addition. Per comments below, I used less butter and a nice wide high-sided skillet. My corn browned up beautifully. Yum yum yum.

Ellen Miller

I've made this dish for 40 years (without the mint, though originally with chopped green pepper.) and it's always a winner. I think the quality of the corn doesn't matter. By the time I serve it it's practically indigestible, and divine. We just call it 'fried corn.'
(I've also served it to three pregnant women -- two of them my daughters -- within a week of their due dates who produced beautiful children within 24 hours. True.)


I've made this 3 times. The first two times it was stellar and a hit. The third time I made it with an economy bag of corn. The kernels were somewhat dry and chewy, and no one complemented the dish. Buy quality corn!

June Ramondetta

I also cooked it with less butter, but added some chopped Jersey tomatoes with the homegrown mint and some crumbled feta cheese at the end...colorful and delicious!


I used basil instead of mint, which worked well.


can you freeze this or make this how long in advance for the freg for thanksgiving?


Yum! The corn is great on its own but I turned this into a meal tonight. After cooking the corn I sauteed shrimp and halved cherry tomatoes in more butter and then tossed everything with some orzo. The whole dish had a great buttered corn flavor thoughout and the tomatoes gave just enough acid, but some lemon would brighten it up some as well.


this is so so good. Try it with Italian basil... and then try it with Thai basil! Insanely good and versatile!


made this for family Thanksgiving with olive oil--no butter--for the sake of a no gluten/dairy/soy niece. Worked fine, and got eaten up enthusiastically.


I'm going to make this tonight. If you have a gas stove, you could save a bit of time by carmelizing the whole cob directly on the flame, then shearing off the kernels. In fact, during corn season, I do this with a big whack of cobs and then freeze the kernels. It makes a nice variety with the boiled kernels I also freeze.


Can you make it in advance -- even that morning, and reheat it? I've got all the ingredients for tomorrow, but need to do it in advance -- or start with a new recipe!


I'll have to share this recipe with my daughter-in-law and daughter, both due in the next three months.


I’m not sure if we have bigger corn here on the west coast, but two ears of corn was about three cups cut off the cob. Glad recipe had both measurements.


Easy and delicious. Definitely cut the butter by half or even more.


This is delicious as is… super simple and so tasty!


So amazing! Scaled it back - except for the mint - there is never too much mint in the summer.


Delicious! I used a combo of mint, basil and cilantro and sauteed a little red onion before putting the cord in the pan.


I'd cut the butter but will definitely make again. Very tasty and the mint was a nice surprise flavor with the butter and corn.

Not a garlic lover

This is also delicious with fresh basil instead of mint.


I live in France and it is really difficult to find fresh corn( and very expensive), it is impossible to find frozen corn. Has anyone tried this with canned corn?


This side has become a firm favorite. Insanely easy and it results in a very fragrant and delicious side.


Make in a non-stick pan with half the butter


I’ve made this & it was delicious. I’ve coated with good EVOO and roasted the corn in my oven first, then strip the kernels. What would the difference be if I stripped the raw kernels first, then cooked (only once) in the pan with the butter?


Used this recipe as a base for adding other veg, this time zucchini, also sauteed in unsalted butter. Finished with some salt, ancho chili powder, fresh cilantro, and the juice of a lime. Very tasty!


My favorite recipe this summer! I really love brown butter!


Made this last night- I had already steamed the corn- but it still was delicious. Earth Balance worked as a good substitute for butter for anyone looking to make it dairy free/vegan.


Fantastic and best with fresh corn off the cob. And have now tried this with frozen cord and still quite tasty. The mint really makes great addition. Agree with reduction in butter - especially if made with fresh corn.

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Caramelized Corn With Fresh Mint Recipe (2024)
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