Gochujang Potato Stew Recipe (2024)



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Terrific but salty. Recipe calls for two rounds of seasoning, plus soy sauce and the sodium in broth, beans, and gochujang. I'll definitely make again but will look for ways to cut down on the saltiness.


I accidentally poisoned my boyfriend because I didn’t know gochujang contains gluten so we spent four hours in the ER after eating this, but long story short check for gluten free gochujang and this stew slaps


I made this in the pressure cooker! Left out the honey/dark brown sugar. Used saute function for onions and garlic, then added gochujang and soy sauce. Sauteed that all together for a minute or two. Then added potatoes and vegetable broth and pressure cooked for 12 minutes. Used saute function once again after pressure release and added canned beans, kale, and mushrooms (per other comments). Quick to make, delicious, warming, and hearty! Will be making again.


I used frozen spinach instead of kale and it turned out great.


Fellow cooks, be aware that gochujang comes in two degrees of heat: Hot, and Mild. I would start with Mild b/c that way yiu can add the full amount and get the flavor without it being possibly too much heat. “Using less” to me just means I could end up with something too hot to enjoy and would have to toss it and make it again using less gochujang. A waste of my time and effort. Why not start mild and if I want more heat after tasting I add either hot gochujang, sriracha, or other hot sauce.


This is so easy and delicious. I made it because I had the ingredients and Eric Kim never disappoints. (Really, never.) Yes, make the rice and add the sour cream.


My wife and I love spicy food but found this to be far too hot for our taste. Perhaps it was the brand of Gochujang we purchased.I even double-checked the recipe after I tasted it.I think a warning or a range (1-3 T., for example) would be a good idea.

Levi P

Add mushrooms and radishes (not too early) for a little interest!


This was a delicious, hearty stew with a kick. Easy once everything is chopped. Added mushrooms. I’d reduce some greens next time or add more liquid since much of it was absorbed by the time everything cooked down. Potatoes took longer than directed (30 mins) to fully cook. Thumbs up. Would make again.

Ellen L

My son did the cooking, so I don’t have full knowledge of alterations. We had cooked chickpeas on hand that were subbed. And the market he went to didn’t have the desired potatoes, so he cut red skinned potatoes into chunks. I had a container of baby kale, so we used that for the greens. We didn’t measure, but I would have added more than the couple of handfuls. Our guochugang came from Trader Joe’s and was not too spicy. It was delicious and satisfying. I plan to make it for vegetarian friends.


Made as written and it was tasty and satisfying but I think it could use a touch of acid. Next time I’ll throw some lemon juice in at the end. I will definitely make this again.


Made a version of this with slow cooker'erd Rancho Gordo beans, instead of canned. Stellar. I added a drizzle of honey, lemon, 1oz feta & maldon salt flakes as a topper, (no rice) I ate with a slice of toasted country bread from Tartine (in SF) and slathered in Straus salted butter. dynamite!


When I saw the ingredient list, I indulged in that smug feeling of having ALL the ingredients on hand, including the gochujang and those cute little pearl potatoes in different colors. On a rainy, miserable Sunday morning, we made a 1/2 recipe for just the two of us and served it with a poached egg on top. I skipped the parsley because it was too cold and wet outside to go snip it from the garden. Although comforting, the dish isn't exactly bursting with flavor, but it was simple to fix.


This was so easy and so good. I didn't have any kale, only spinach, so I threw it in at the end, and it tasted great. Thanks, Eric, for another interesting recipe.

Urs B

So easy and tasty. Added a side of cucumber salad, which was a great contrast to this hearty, spicy, and umami dish.


This is a great recipe-- terrific depth of flavor. A great use for some of my Rancho Gordo bean club beans.


I really wanted to love this dish, but in the end it was just ok. The gochujang I use is a strawberry variety from Japan which is somewhat spicy, but not blow-your-tongue-off spicy, so heat was there. The overall flavors were nice and complex, just not a wow factor, imo. I followed the recipe exactly although I cut it in half for the 2 of us. My husband liked it, but didn't rave either. Served with jasmine rice and never did use any sour cream.


Used 2 T gochugang

currently eating this- OH YA!

Yep! Make this!Put in a tonne of kale. Added some extra broth like recommended. I use Trader Joe’s gochugang, so adding extra isn’t a problem.It is DELICIOUS! Definitely serve w the sour cream or yogurt. Creamy and delightful!


As a Korean, I was skeptical, but I really enjoyed this! We only added one tbsp of gochujang and it was the perfect amount of heat. Don’t skip the rice!


Made it tonight. I added a little bit more gochujang and then did a plop of plain whole fat Greek yogurt on top in bowl (no sour cream in fridge). Delicious. Smelled super good cooking, too!


Followed the recipe as is but then added a splash of lemon juice at the end. For broth I used “better than bouillon vegetable” and it was AMAZING! I can barely fit seconds ever but I def went for more. Next time I’ll leave out the salt and add more beans.


The magic is the butter. Makes it so umami you can't get enough. I'd leave the kale out of the broth until a few minutes before serving so its a little brighter.


This is really REALLy good! I did add a dollop of yogurt to each bowl to cool down the Gochujang Otherwise no changes from recipe. We like spice! It’s a keeper!


Made this as written, with two tweaks: olive oil (to make it vegan) instead of butter/ghee and 1 tsp of Calabrian pepper paste because we prefer it to gochujang. It was quite good and nourishing, even dished up without rice. It needed a bit longer then stated for the potatoes to become tender, about 10 minutes extra. The next time I make this, I'll use two cans of cannellini to give it a bit more heft and cut the baby potatoes into quarters, unless they are very small..


Really good! Just did 2 Tblsp. Gochujang and it was still really spicy. It didn't quite seem like 4 servings, will probably add another can of beans & more broth next time.


I love this. The rice and sour cream bring it to the next level. Next time, I'll halve the potatoes, even though they are small.


I made Melissa Clark’s olive oil challah to eat with this instead of rice: big time win. The sweet citrus of the bread paired gorgeously with the salty, spicy tang of the stew. I might call them THE power couple to rescue you from your wintertime blues

Eric Redman

Have cooked this several times. Everyone loves it -- family, guests, spouse. Have also done it with beef -- let the stew meat simmer on low heat in the pot with the onions, garlic, broth, gochujang, soy sauce, and honey for two hours before adding the potatoes and beans. My family liked it a lot, and even better when I used two cans of different types of beans, and served it with yogurt instead of sour cream. My wife wants me to try it with fish!

Kalee Gee

Next time - more garlic. Great taste, and I made it totally as the recipe read. Yummy on an overcast cool day.

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Gochujang Potato Stew Recipe (2024)


What goes well with gochujang? ›

No judgement here! Try it as a baste on chicken wings or pork ribs, or added to soup broths like in my Spicy Pork Miso Noodle Soup. Gochujang can also be used in marinades for meat dishes like Korean bulgogi, stirred into dipping sauces, or used to punch up stews.

How to cook with Korean gochujang paste? ›

We use gochujang most often as a base for stews such as Budae Jjigae (Korean Army Stew), Dakgalbi (Spicy Korean Chicken Stir Fry) and Tteokbokki. It can also be used to amp up dipping sauces, bring savoury intensity to soups, and be slathered on as a marinade for meats such as Korean fried chicken.

Is gochujang very spicy? ›

Sure, gochujang has heat — depending on the brand, it can be extraordinarily spicy — but it also has a salty, almost meaty depth and a slight sweetness. In other words, it's not a one-note hot sauce that you add to a dish after the fact. If you want to see Korean chefs bristle, tout gochujang as the “next Sriracha.”

How much Gochujang paste to use? ›

You'll often find gochujang in Korean dishes like bibimbap and bulgogi, as well as a number of stews and sauces. A little goes a long way with this umami-boosting ingredient. In the recipes below, only about a tablespoon or two of gochujang is called for, but you can always add more to suit your tastes.

What do Koreans use gochujang for? ›

Traditional Korean dishes that include gochujang are bibimbap, a mixed rice dish, tteokbokki, a spicy rice cake street food, and Jeyuk Bokkeum, a spicy marinated pork stir-fry.

Is gochujang anti inflammatory? ›

Gochujang, a traditional fermented condiment, has beneficial effects, such as anti-colonic inflammatory effects.

Do you need to refrigerate Gochujang paste after opening? ›

How to Store Gochujang. Once opened, gochujang should be stored in the refrigerator. Like miso, it has quite a long shelf life, as long as it hasn't dried out or changed in color. Should you find yourself with a lot of gochujang leftover, remember that it can be used up in lots of different ways.

How long does gochujang last once opened? ›

If you aren't using it very often then it may be a good idea to wrap the box tightly in some clingfilm (plastic wrap) to help prevent the paste from drying out. If there is no date on the box then we would suggest using the paste within 3 months of opening, provided it is refrigerated.

What is the difference between gochujang sauce and gochujang paste? ›

In its truest form, gochujang is sold as a thick paste, often in plastic tubs and glass jars, and ready for cooking. The kind labeled a sauce or condiment is the same paste, thinned out with other ingredients such as sugar and vinegar.

Is gochujang good for gut health? ›

Fermented soybeans in Gochujang makes it a great source of probiotics that can boost healthy gut microbiomes. Probiotics are live bacteria that are beneficial for digestion and overall gut health. However, it's important to note that Gochujang also contains chili peppers, which can be spicy.

Is gochujang hotter than sriracha? ›

It's like sriracha but has a deeper flavor profile with less vinegar and more sweetness. Gochujang is also less spicy than sriracha, so if you like sweet-spicy combinations then gochujang will be the perfect addition to your kitchen pantry.

Is sriracha the same as gochujang? ›

Meet gochujang, the savory Korean sauce that, like sriracha, is made from fermented red peppers, but has a more savory, salty, deep flavor. “It's like hot sauce-meets-umami flavor,” chef Edward Lee, owner of 610 Magnolia & Milkwood in Louisville, Kentucky, told ABC News.

Can you eat gochujang by itself? ›

To capture the sweet, spicy, umami and slightly funky flavors, the best gochujang substitute is a combination of miso, sriracha and sugar. See the exact ratio in the article above. Can gochujang be eaten directly? Yes, you can use gochujang by itself (raw, without cooking it) as a sweet, spicy condiment if you like.

Why add sugar to gochujang? ›

You're likely to see gochujang cut with another ingredients, like sesame oil, crushed garlic, sugar, and/or soy sauce, any of which help to balance some of its intensity.

Can you eat gochujang everyday? ›

No, eating gochujang sauce 2-4 times a week does not give you cancer. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim. In fact, gochujang sauce has been shown to have some health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system.

Can I put gochujang in ramen? ›

Tip #1: The first thing you can do is to make this a one-pot meal. This means that you can just use the same pot you cook your noodles in to stir-fry the garlic and vegetables. Then just add the mixed-in gochujang sauce to that same pot. Be sure to cook your ramen or udon the first thing when you make this recipe.

Is gochujang spicier than Sriracha? ›

Simply put, Sriracha is milder than gochujang. It's meant to be used as a condiment alongside cooked food. It will bring instant heat to your plate, but without overpowering the star of your meal — not unlike, say, spicy ketchup.

Does gochujang go with tomato? ›

The bright, acidic tomatoes with the rich and slightly spicy gochujang is a match made in heaven, and it's so simple to make. Here are the ingredients you'll need for this comforting soup: 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil.

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