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    Good Morning America

    Andrew Cuomo to testify before House panel on COVID nursing home policy

    Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will appear Tuesday before a congressional subcommittee to speak about his administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic, including its highly-scrutinized handling of nursing homes. The GOP-led panel issued a subpoena in March for Cuomo, a Democrat, to sit for a deposition. Cuomo's appearance comes on the heels of the subcommittee's hearing last week with Dr. Anthony Fauci as Republicans continue to try to put the country's response to COVID-19 in the spotlight amid a contentious 2024 presidential election cycle.

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    Good Morning America

    House Republicans eye Garland contempt vote over refusal to turn over Biden special counsel interview audio

    House Republicans this week plans to move ahead with a full chamber vote on holding Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over audio of President Joe Biden's interview with special counsel Robert Hur on his handling of classified documents. If that passes, the resolution then heads to the full House for a vote. The vote has been in limbo since two House committees -- Oversight and Judiciary -- voted along party-lines last month to advance a report recommending that Garland be held in contempt.

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    Good Morning America

    Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' appeal to be heard in San Francisco federal court

    Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes' appeal will be heard at a federal courthouse in San Francisco on Tuesday. The hearing arrives one year after Holmes began a more than 11-year sentence at a Texas prison for defrauding investors with false claims about her company's blood-testing technology. In a 47-page court filing in November, Holmes' attorneys said the prosecution failed to prove a cornerstone of its case: that Holmes hoodwinked investors while knowing full well the deficiencies of her product.

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    Good Morning America

    About 25 arrested at UCLA as group attempts to set up protest camp, university police say

    About 25 people were arrested Monday night as they attempted to set up a tent encampment on the University of California Los Angeles campus, university police said in a statement. "The individuals are in the process of being cited, issued 14-day stay away orders from UCLA property, and released," the UCLA Police Department said. The arrests follow a series of tense days in late April and early May on the school's campus, where pro-Palestinian protesters had created a sprawling encampment surrounded by plywood and metal barricades.

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    ABC News

    Taxpayers to foot bill for majority of Jill Biden's Paris-Delaware trips for Hunter Biden trial

    Taxpayers will front the majority of first lady Dr. Jill Biden's travel between Paris, France, and Wilmington, Delaware, last week when she broke away early after D-Day commemorations to attend Hunter Biden’s trial, only to return to Paris a day later. According to the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, the cost of the one-way trip from the airport in Paris to the airport in Wilmington, Delaware, is about $111,500, based on an eight-hour flight and the Air Force's hourly reimbursem*nt rate charged to other federal agencies for use of a Boeing C-32 (the type of plane Dr. Biden usually flies in, for security reasons).

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    ABC News

    Trump's probation officials meeting was cordial, routine: Sources

    Former President Donald Trump’s interview Monday with New York City probation officials lasted just under a half-hour, sources familiar with it told ABC News. Unlike most defendants, Trump was given permission to be accompanied by counsel. Trump was not asked anything surprising.

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    ABC News

    Judge Aileen Cannon rejects Trump's bid to dismiss counts in classified documents indictment

    Federal Judge Aileen Cannon, who is overseeing former President Donald Trump's classified documents case, has just denied one of a series of defense motions to dismiss many of the counts against him, according to a new order issued late Monday afternoon. Cannon did, however, agree to strike one paragraph from the indictment, though it's not linked to any particular charge in the indictment. In her order, Cannon expressed agreement with Trump's team that "much of the language" in Special Counsel Jack Smith's speaking indictment of Trump and his two co-defendants "is legally unnecessary."

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    ABC News

    6-year-old girl killed by badminton racket while vacationing with family in Maine

    A 6-year-old girl died days after she was accidentally injured by a badminton racket while on vacation with her family in Maine, police said. Lucy Morgan, of Stockholm, New Jersey, was playing with her older brother outside a home in Limerick on June 1 when the incident occurred, according to the Maine Department of Public Safety. "Investigators learned that the aluminum shaft of a badminton racquet had become dislodged from the wooden handle, causing the shaft to strike the girl in the head, piercing through her skull," the Maine Department of Public Safety said in a press release.

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    ABC News

    Baltimore shipping channel fully reopens after Key Bridge collapse

    The Baltimore shipping channel where the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed has fully reopened following the catastrophic collision in March, authorities said Monday. The Dali, a massive cargo ship, struck the Key Bridge on March 26, triggering a collapse that killed six workers and affected entry into the port. In the weeks since, the channel has gradually opened to traffic as crews worked to clear 50,000 tons of bridge wreckage and remove the 984-foot-long and 158-foot-wide container ship from the crash site.

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    ABC News

    Washington man allegedly kills teen because he mistook an airsoft gun for a real firearm

    The King County, Washington, Prosecuting Attorney's Office has charged a man with second-degree murder and assault, both felony counts, for allegedly shooting a teen he thought was holding a gun and who he believed was about to rob a sporting goods store. Aaron Brown Myers, 51, told police he believed the 17-year-old victim had a gun and was going to rob a Big 5 Sporting Goods store in the Seattle suburb of Renton last Wednesday as the teen headed toward the retailer with two others, according to court documents filed by the prosecutor, Leesa Manion. The boy was holding an airsoft gun, according to a police affidavit.

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    ABC News

    3 big takeaways from Day 6 of Hunter Biden's federal gun trial

    Jurors began deliberating Monday afternoon in Hunter Biden's federal gun trial after prosecutors urged them to use "common sense" to find him guilty of three felony gun charges, claiming to have proved their case "beyond a reasonable doubt seven ways to Sunday." "If this evidence did not establish that Hunter Biden was a crack addict, and an unlawful user, then no one is a crack addict or an unlawful user," said prosecutor Derek Hines. Abbe Lowell, the lead defense attorney, rebutted that claim by characterizing the government's case as nothing more than "speculation and conjecture."

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    ABC News

    Suspect in fire, shooting at Miami apartment building in custody: Mayor

    A person suspected of shooting a worker at a Miami residential building and "intentionally" starting a fire that quickly engulfed the complex is in custody, authorities said. The fire was reported around 8:15 a.m. ET on Monday at Temple Court Apartments, according to Miami Mayor Francis Suarez. More than 125 firefighters battled the blaze for approximately eight hours, he said during a press briefing Monday evening announcing the suspect's apprehension.

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    ABC News

    Israeli special forces dressed as Palestinian refugees for hostage rescue: Sources

    Israeli special forces were disguised as Palestinian refugees looking for a place to live when they entered the buildings where hostages were being held during the Israeli rescue operation this weekend, two Israeli security sources told ABC News. Special forces were already in position near the buildings where the hostages were being held before they were given the "go" command by Israeli forces, the sources added. The Shin Bet, Israel's internal security forces, Israel Defense Forces and Israeli SWAT team members, called YAMAM, participated in the rescue operation, now called "Operation Arnon" by the Israeli military.

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    ABC News

    FBI's latest data shows 'historic' drop in crime: Garland

    The first three months of 2024 saw a continued drop in levels of violent crime and murder across the country, according to data released by the FBI on Monday -- a trend that Attorney General Merrick Garland called "historic." Reported incidents of violent crime dropped 15% between January and March of this year compared to the same period last year, according to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting Data. The FBI has not released details about the number of incidents for the categories of crime.

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    ABC News

    New Jersey's Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control reviewing liquor licenses held by Trump's golf courses

    The New Jersey Attorney General's Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) is reviewing the liquor licenses held by former President Donald Trump's golf courses in the state following his criminal conviction in New York, the agency confirmed. "ABC is reviewing the impact of President Trump's conviction on the above referenced licenses, and declines further comment at this time," a spokesperson for the agency said in an email. Issuing a liquor license "to any person who has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude" is against the law in New Jersey.

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    Good Morning America

    Michelle and Barack Obama share rare photos of daughter Sasha to mark her 23rd birthday

    Michelle and Barack Obama are honoring their daughter Sasha on her 23rd birthday! Marking the special occasion on Monday, the parents shared rare photos of Sasha on their Instagram accounts alongside moving notes about their daughter. In her post, Michelle shared a photo of herself and Sasha embracing each other while standing on what appears to be a rooftop balcony.

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    Good Morning America

    Ryan Reynolds fulfills his mom's 'dream' to visit 'The View': See the sweet moment

    After Goldberg asked how their presence at the show came to be, Reynolds said simply that his mom was in town visiting her grandchildren and told him it was her dream to go to "The View." Reynolds said he "didn't want to taste the back of her hand" so he sprang into action to make her dream come true. "We made a call," he said, noting that he used wife Blake Lively to snag tickets, identifying himself as "Blake's husband."

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    ABC News

    Husband of owner of day care where baby died from fentanyl pleads guilty to federal charges

    The husband of the owner of the New York City day care where a 1-year-old died of fentanyl poisoning pleaded guilty Monday to federal charges, officials said. In September 2023, Felix Herrera Garcia was seen fleeing the Bronx day care out a back alley, carrying two heavy shopping bags while children were suffering from the effects of fentanyl, officials said. Herrera Garcia fled to Mexico after the death and was eventually arrested in Mexico after a weeklong manhunt.

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    ABC News

    Sen. John Fetterman involved in crash on Maryland interstate, treated for bruised shoulder

    Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman was involved in a crash on a Maryland interstate over the weekend, police and his office confirmed on Monday. Fetterman, 54, was driving a Chevrolet Traverse west on I-70 when, "for unknown reasons," his vehicle struck the rear of a Chevrolet Impala, according to preliminary information from state police. Fetterman's wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman was also in the vehicle, according to the senator's office.

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    ABC News

    Mom of rescued Israeli hostage Almog Meir Jan speaks out: 'I never lost hope'

    Orit Meir, the mother of freed Israeli hostage 22-year-old Almog Meir Jan, was overcome with disbelief and sheer joy when she got the call saying her son was rescued on Saturday. "I screamed," Meir told ABC News on Monday. Jan was one of four hostages rescued by the Israel Defense Forces in central Gaza on Saturday.

Holiday shopping kickoff with Deals and Steals (2024)
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