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Si ft DAD HENRY amous amily of Evangelists MOTHER 80 GETS 30 YEARS her The famous Henry special services in TENNESSEE MISSISSIPPI A Cape Sleeve Pajamas MallUlsu annib maxbkhn KUA ROBERTS MRS TBMPA OST1R 776 sad chirm i if1 1 from Efcst BROTHERS IS A NATIVE MD Prisoner Attacks Help) Shot to Death by Guard io (pond mvm1 attending Um fu who died a fw Henry manager of Henry Brothers evan M1m Carrie school teacher Map DD pastor ef Baptist Church Shrv a prominent member and National Baptist Convsn the convention hen Martin of Shreveport Jen Col Murderer of NC Bar ber Pays Penalty in Electric Chair Butler Carter ths Street after which served ruuriL BLACKEWHITE COMPLEXION POWDER ARO ashions By TWYLA LEE Lydia Vegetable Compound Oerrlt spent a fete flays in Ha returned to Durham NC few LAST MINUTE APPEAL DENIED James Robert Bridge Jr and John Gray have returned from a trip to Washington DC and other pointe north Mlia Oraca Hayea has returned to her home in Raleigh being the gueat of Mias Odessa Whitley Miss Susanna Metthewaon haa gone to Wise to resume her work as a teacher Samuel Ruffin spent some time here Jamea Knight epent the week end In Wethington DC as the guett of his sister Mlis Ruth Wright Mlse Megtit Rodgers has returned from Norfolk va Mra Mandla Banks has moved te hom*o at Edenton NC KILLER EMPLOYER JUST of Opelika Ala bar ocusln Mias MU Herring Liven Asa Herring former Harnett coun ty farm demonstration agent who the brother in law in order Lee testified paid him $75 to kill that he might collect on an insur ance policy drew a 30 year sentence for his part in the murder A strange outcome of the case was that Herring never got any of the insurance and of the 75 he paid to Lee the latter got only $23 Lee said he gave $50 to Paul Holmes and Joe Ham who are serv ing terms for the part they took in killing Herring wanted Hill killed In the hope of getting his in surance Ht never got It Herring an educated college grad uate got 30 years In prison and had there been any legal way to send him to the chair under North Car olina law he would undoubtedly be dead already but Instead he wan dered about in the rear yard of the prison as his little "hired died in the chair Lee was the first person ever to die in the chair from Harnett body was taken by a Dunn undertaker to sister Hattie Dunn for burial wife died several months ago Their twin children are reported to be with people in south Carolina Mia Ruby Karl Watt of SOI BB Ttb Street was ths guit of Bora loo Mrs Minnie Conner garo a surprise birthday party tor her husband at their home 1400 Church Street Mt Con nor wan very much surprised to and so many of his friend present The hom*o wag beautifully decorated with no were The party was entertained with muslo by Lark Delicious rytreshmenta were served by the hostile Those present wort James Ray Miss Held Mrs Trundale MIm Allen Campbell Mrs Mary Nash Mra Beatrice Simpson Willie Nord Mies Erema McDowell Mies Hannah Russell James MltcheU Leroy Russell Mayhew Russell Lewis Lucile Conner Mrs Sarah Lewis Walter Lewis Howard By A OWENS 4 English Street 4' RISTON Tenn The missionary tool ty of the 8th Street Presbyterian Church met with Miso Barline Pope Columbia Road MIm Pearl Knox it president The Laymen's Association of John Wee ley Church met wtthKle Campbell on Lilly Street loyd Harper was In Abington Sunday MIm Bllaa Goodman was a recent vis itor In Knoxville red Delaney was winner at a water s' melon contest lest week His opponents wers Leltoy Henderson Jr and Loronaa Carter Delaney ended Id seeds ahead of Id Henderson fsU ent before making the evert Richard Rhea ha returned from Kaoi vaie Tenn Mrs Charles Irvin of Marian 1 visiting her grandparents Mr and Mee Clabourne Woodlawn Avenue Mr Dixon of Pltteburgh and MIm Edith Outhree of NMbvlXs have returned to Bristol to take up thr duties at Lincoln School Mrs Mary Popo who has bods laprflg ing was forced to take bed again James Tedious is confined to hla bod? NOROLK (Co op) Al though he is only 25 years of age the Rev I the famous has been preaching tor 17 years The young evangelist began preaching when he was eight years old and his other two brothers be gan when they were ten There are two brothers who are not with the group and they preach also The father has been in the ministry for 29 years but has always con fined his religious work to evangel Weston and MIm Annie GREENSBORO NC sorge Williams 62 serving a term of 12 years at the Stokesdale State Pri son was shot to death by a white prison guardrSaturday when he at tacked the camp steward with a knife GREENSBORO MBS ROSALEE MeCONNEU BN 138 Market Street GREENSBORO NO M1M Nell Artis has returned to Beaufort to her duty aa a teacher Miss Margaret Lee haa returned New York to visit her parents on Market Street Williams and Miss Evelyn nlnas former students of Lutheran lege are matriculating at A and Col lege James and Hugh Hill motored Mero on Thursday to attend Lutheran College They were accompanied by their mother Mrs Hill who la visiting her sister on Banks Street Lee spent the week In Yancey ville visiting relatives Miss Ruth McCray left for Washington DC Thursday night MIm Juanita Day returned to Ala mance County recently to resume her duty as teacher The faculty and students of A and College were the house guest of Bennett College faculty and students Sunday at 4 pm Mrs Nannie Cameron of Beech Street returned home on Saturday from Lake Placid NY Miss Laura Sellars and sister enter tained at a party recently honoring Miss Lillie Beil who left for Winston Salem College Thursday Mrs Watkins Miss Martha Tur ner and' Arthur Booker who motored to the Century of Progress returned home riday Miss Idas Baldwin RN arrived in the city Monday after spending the summer in Cape May NJ Mask is ill st his home on Pow ell Street Ralf Guy of 411 Beech Street was injured when struck by an automobile on East Market Street Thursday Miss Geraldine Avery of Dudley Street returned to Sedalia Thursday to con tinue her studies In the high school department The first regular chapel period was held at A and College riday noon A very Inspiring lecture was made by Presi dent Bluford who strewed the value of education Mr and Mrs Willard Galloway and family have moved to 1010 Benbow Drive Mrs Tessle Hessle Galloway and her mother Mrs Mary Hester since coming to Greensboro from Hillsboro had lived at the South Dudley Street residence for twenty four years HATTIESBURG CECIL WILZON Seventh Biros HATTIESBURG Mie Th his grandfetber Even who visited hi sister Mrs Alics Dozier of Ports mouth Va Also In ths partv vara Murchison and RosooeOimrnone Ths following schools opened with a large attendance Newbold Training School McRae principal South Side Graded Evans principal Orange Street High Blackburn principal State Normal Seabrook president Mrs Mary Rush and granddaughter Mary Elisabeth Covington have returned to the city alter spending ten days vis iting relatives in Laurinburg Miss Mary Moore George Moore Roa coe Simmons and Murchison teach ers in Catawabs County are hom*o tor six weeks due to the closing ot the schools tor a period ot time Mis Esther McNeill ot Gillespie St left Thursday for Petersburg Va to con tinue her study in stenography at Vir ginia State Mis Mary Lou Hall has returned to her home after spending her vacation in Wilmington with relatives and iriends Lewis traveling representative tor the North Carolina Mutual Insurance Company Durham ot Raleigh accom panied Carroll who wUl work tor the company EVERYWHERE PREER THIS INE AYETTEVILLE MISS BEATRICE EVANS 428 Moore StrMt AYETTEVILLE NO Sidney and Wiliam Atwater of Durham epent Bunday in the city aa gueete to Williton and Smith of Gilleepio Street HIM Dorie Wilkerson left Thursday for Hampton Institute Hampton Va to re her atudy In music Theodore Mitchell traveling repre sentative for Winston Mutual Insurance Company Winston Salem NO accom panied by Mr and Mrs King of Wilmington NC were gueeta to Mra Kings' erenU Mr and Mra A Cog aen Bunaey mim Maine McNeill teacner in ecnooi near Wilmington spent last week end at her hom*o on Gillespie Streep Ur ana Mrs Aorain bjuqudbu au children John and Marlon left for their home in Winston Salem after spending the summer with relatives on Gillespie and Ramsey Streets Robert Murchison Jr junior In Hampton Institute left Wednesday for legible: He accompanied ther by "rom a girl I suffered with severe headaches and vomit ing Three bottles of Lydia Vegetable Com pound made me entirely well I am now fifty years old Re cently I had a nervous break down from overwork so I am taking the Compound again It helps me do my work and drives away that tired Mrs Ella Roberts 1900 Nt Taylor Ave St Louis Mo Tarboro Mi i But a a vinai va apvuir days as tbs guest of bls brother Henry William Knight of Klchmond spent Xev dayi is Tartars NO was so weak I could not work any length of time with out panting for breath I saw the Vegetable Compound ad vertised in a booklet It h'as made me strong My nerves are perfect and I sleep all night I never know what it is to be tired thanks to Lydia Pink ham's Vegetable Gompound I recommend it every day any time Annie Mae Bebn Lake Butler lorida CHARLOTTE By MISS BVA HENDERSON gM Eighth Strart CHARLOTTE NC Hattie Watts was hostess to ths Blue Ribbon Club at her home Ki Street Mrs Ollie Moore presiding After the meeting the club was served by the hostess Mrs Wattle la president Mrs OUlo Moore vise president and Mrs Hattie Watts secre tary Mrs Clara Crockett of Wl Crockett Street te still sick The Elite Social Club met with Mrs Hall Thursady After butlneas aeulon bridge wee played Delightful re freabmente were esrvsd The next meet ing will be With Mrs Howard IDS Booker Avenue Mis Bernice Henderson te back home after apendlng a pirwe week vacation with nor granoparenw urweavuw arm Demonstration Agent Hired Him RALEIGH While the man whom he said hired him to kill Ja cob Hill Clinton barber was walk ing about the prison grounds under a 30 year sentence for the same crime 21 year old Johnny Lee paid the supreme penalty with his life in the electric chair here riday As thy 1800 volts of tlectncity ploughed through his body Lee act ed as he were attempting to leap from the instrument of death Oxley Makes Plea A last minute plea by Lieutenant Lawrence A Oxley failed to save the life of the diminutive young killer Governer Ehrlnghaut told Mr Oxley that he could not oom mute the sentence of Lee In view of that fact tiat he had lust a short while previously refused to commute the sentence of a murderer who 3 like Lee there was no doubt about guilt "It would be putting a pre Aium on murder by he said This was the first time in thlrty five appeals made by Oxley that he failed to obtain leniency "I Kromers isvangeucai lituudo wiiicn puuuuucuik Norfolk at irst Calvary Baptist Church after six stay in Washington In the group (standing left to right) are: the Revs I Henry father of the three brothers Henry and Henry who Is manager of the group Seated is Henry Their present engagement is scheduled to last through September 22 This Medicine Helps Mel 98 Out of 100 Women Report Benefit After Taking Lydia Vegetable Compound Read These Letters from Grateful Users TTte Atttd AlttETCAN WEEK SEPTEMBER' 23 19334 COLUMBIA By BOSAUB BEAL COLUMBIA SC Blanch Calloway and hr orchestra ntrtlnd st th Township Auditorium her Saturday night Dr A Evans haa ba very 111 She is now rocupratlng In th moun tains ot North Carolina near Tryon Bh ha with her beside members of her family a nurs from Waverly Hos pital her Theodore Outen has returned after a short vacation Alton Bythewood Jr of Orange burg was In the city a few days ago Mr Bythewood Is a senior at Meharry School of Medicine and a mmber of Omega sl hl fraternity Th I helta Thl fraternity has lanaoh a campaign In th Interest ot the TWCA It first effort 1 a "New hop at th Savoy alae on riday nlng Miss Mabl endergrasa a sharmtng young teacher of Sumter SC te hro visiting Dr and Mr Price hr brother in law and slater Miss Henrietta Russell of Heidi Strst has left for Union BC where she has a position In Sims High School Hr sister Mis Margaret Russell a graduate of Voorhees Normal and Industrial Insti tute has left for Marshall Tex whro ah wlU matriculate at wllsy Colleg Mercer Mane left Sunday for Boston Harold and Ralph Boulivaro ot Irmo wero in th city Wednesday Mrs Grace Ruff ha rsteatly turned from Atlanta Pinckney ha just rewrote from a visit to th Pair inley principal of inley High School In Chester spent Saturday tn Columbia Th Webber family Gadsden SC epent riday her Georg and Herbert Nil left th lty Sunday tor a week's tour ot th stat On of th lowliest affair of th sea son was given In honor of Mis Gn vlevs Vincent bride elect by Mis Edith Butler and Mr Manon of Augusts Georgia at th Butlers on Wayn greaslv bridge was played rimllHntta 1114 MH1PM Mtesea Evelyn Bright and Roselle Beal wer hostesses Seturday morning to a pajama party at tn wwca tor i member ot th BS Club CHARLESTON MH Phyllis DeHsven 80 yean brown and just 5 feet tall at Piedmont Road Charleston West jaSSMt Virginia wandered August 8 and has seen Her daughters DeHaven a nubile and Mrs Hattie Hanco*ck with the aid of the police department have traced every clue as to her where about but to no avail At times she was a victim amnesia for this reason it is gea erally believed that she lost her 7 way and is with strangers who do not know her identity hnus Whesttey Club met Sunday afternoon at Chapel Mra Willi Me Btthar we hostess to th Club Wednesday after noon Mrs Ann Butler Seventh Stroet was hostess to the Home Mis sionary Society of St Paul MB Church riday afternoon Mrs Susie Salter Magnolia Park en tertained th Waller Club riday after noon The finteth anniversary ot Sion Chapal AMI Church was a auteesaful and en joyable affair A ek walk wa given ta th bom Mrs Laura Mertln Atlant StrMt Thursday night Th flrat prte was awarded to MIssm Cecil Donkin and Basel Marla TTie second prix was awarded Misses Rhoda Mae Hopkina end Jackson and Mssdames Vassle Patton and Willie Ma Esthers A beautiful party we given ta th home of Mr and Mra David White ot ourth Street I nhonor of boys and glrla who will teave for soilage Th members of Morning Star Bap tist Church snjoyed an old feahkmte feast recently Mrs Dora Mcffet ot Mobile Street charmingly entertained th Mlulonsry Society of Zion Chapel AME Church Miss Laverne Mapp of Kinnard Strote was out of town last week Mrs Mary Lee Boose of Allen Strt Is out of town Mias Lllltsn Wilson of ifth Strste was out of town last week Mrs Horsnce McNair secretary th White Ros Club Is upend mg her vaca tion with relatlvee In Gulfport Mica Mr and Mra Muck of Mobile Street ar very 'glad to hav their daughter from Chicago Hl visit them Litti Leronl King of Laurel Mis was in th city last week visiting rola tlvee Mr Hubby lewis la 111 Mrs Zeddl Bonds whose litti eon died riday avsnlng is very 111 Mra Wlnnl Jones of rederick Street passed away after a long IUne Hall and Collins had charge of the funeral arrangements MOUNT AIRY By A HUNT1B MT AIRY NCI CIms No of St Paul A MB Sunday School of which Mia Alvl Lee Stewart te teacher was vlctorlou over all the ether classes In the automobile contest This class la com posed of Junior girls Monday night tn exceptionally good pro gram was rendered by Mrs erry two children of Jaekeca Michigan at St Paul A MLB' Church Mis Tedl Mae Gallaway left Tuesday for A ramfT CbllageiMnarot NO wher ah will continue her college work Mia Virginia Gallaway ha returned to Bennet College for women Greensboro NC to continue her school work Lbula Swift who completed her ele mentary work In the graded school last year 1 at' Palmer Memorial institute Se dalia NO continuing her atudl Leonidas Jones and Zdward Stewart hav returned to Palmer Memorial Institute to contlno their echool work Annl Mart Smith who ha been on a vacation her and Helen Stewart leas Tues day for Atlantic City NJ wher they will attend school Mr Busan Stewart on Virginia Street gave a dinner Monday In honor of Mrs Annt Smith who te here from New York with her family Mrs Alic Crawford who ha been tick for two week la much better Mrs Banner and her three daughter of Roanoke vlilted Mra Mary Rsw lelgh this week Tueeday th girl who ar niativee of th Crawford on Vir ginia Street visited them nd attended a danc Wednesday morning party consisting of Messrs Norwood Gwyn Harvey Con rad and Henry Hughee accompanied th girl and their mother In car a far a pilot Mountain NC on their roturn hom MnuAra Boe sn South Strut U6 ues ill Mr Prankl Albright was dinner hos tess Thursday to Mrs Annie Smith th Rev and Mr Gannaway the auc prawioru hom Thursday wu born in Berlin on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and his sons were born in Philadelphia The mother of the boys Mrs Harriet Nichols Henry was a native at Chester Pa and died 17 years ago Shined Shoes As youngsters the Henry broth ers shined shoes about Philadelphia streets and attended the Philadel phia public schools or the last their headquarters in Chicago The Rev Henry received his bachelor of sacred theology degree from Swift Memorial College Rig ersville Tenn a Presbyterian in stitution when he was twenty He married at 23 his wife being the former Miss Beatrice Turnbough of Bougalousa La She is young and attractive and travels with the evangelical troupe as secretary The favorite sports of the broth ers are swimming baseball and running Here are a few of their sermons: "ifty Two Cards in the "Stop Being a a "Is This Generation Tired of "What Is The (this sermon preached Wednesday night by the Rev Henry was dedicated to the numbers back ers of the city) "Stop Playing the "Stop ighting Against orm Dressed in Clothes But Not a and "Century ot NAIROBI Kenya The Abyssinian Government has prom ised to punish severely the raiders of the Galubba tribe who swooped across the Kenya frontier last year killed 120 and stole more than 7000 head of cattle This agreement was made between the Kenya and Abyssinian govern ments recently The Galubba tribes will be disarmed and efforts will be made to disarm all unruly tribes to the west It required the police with military help to disperse the raid CIS Wheeling Lawyer Opens Office WHEELING Han? Jones who recently returned from Washington hu opened a law of fice here Mr Jones a native of Wheeling wm formerly a teacher in Lincoln High School here rom thl po sition he went to Washington to serve under Arthur roe record er of deeds daalfiction offl 2 Mr Jones Is a graduate from Oberlin Academy Oberlin and an LLB from the Howard Unjverri ty school of Law He wm aanltted to the West Virginia Bar in 1929 Boy Whose Car Hit Aged Man Is Held by Police RICHMOND Russell Wil Hams 20 year oId high school yosth wm arrested and charged with in voluntary manslaughter shortlyaf ter his automobile allegedly atmk and killed Charles Allen in year old white man September 12 ennell Porter ana loyd ennell Arthur Turner and William Thornton I motored to Kinston Sunday af ternoon where they visited friends Mrs Sudle Wilson Miss Versa Lee Wilson Mrs Odell Richardson Ann Grace Richardson Mrs Effie Hogans Catherine and Thaddeue Horens mo tored to New Bern NC riday to visit relatives and friends Misses Ida Belle and Ruth Kvans and Hattie Whitly have returned from New York City Miss Hattie Thompson passed through the city Saturday evening en route to her home In Snow Hill NC from points north Bernard Scott Hogans who has been visiting his aunt Mrs Vivian Wil liams In Charleston SC haa re turned to his home on Spruce Street He reports a very enjoyable etay Mr and Mra Jamea Mack of Wil mington NC spent Thursday and riday as the ruesta of Mrs rederick on Virginia Street Mrs Mattle Arrington and children have returned home after a pleasant vacation In New York Mrs Mary Coles who haa been spending some time with her sister Mrs Anna Sasses on Georgia Ave nue has returned to her home in Nor folk Va The Rev Bryan Mrs Anna Sasser Misses Pauline Oskley and Margaret Spencer motored to ayette ville NC Monday to accompany Miss Bettye Inez Spencer who enrolled in the State Normal School of that city Willis Peale left Sunday for A and College Greensboro NC where ne enrolled as a student Miss Naomi Raynor now of Washington DC la getting along very nicely at the Goldsboro Hospital where she recently underwent an op eration Miss Raynor became 111 while visiting her parents Mr and Mrs Raynor of George Street Tftnnard I Raynor son of Mr and Mrs Raynor is now enrolled as a student at Tuskegee Institute Misses Alice and rances Oakley have returned home after spending a week in Philadelphia and Ambler Pa visiting their sister and friends WELDON By JOHN POPE WELDON NC Mary Moss who has been ill for some time Is Improving Miss Mary Willie was the house guest of Miss Mary Reid Brick NC Mrs Annie Qrttn who was the house kuest of Miss Lucille Edwards has returned to her home in Ports mouth Va Misses Lucile and Ruth Edwards entertained In honor of Mrs Ortln at bridge Monday afternoon TliOire Dlaj Inx were: Meedaroes A Cheek I Harne Harris Taylor Jor dan Lone A Orton Misses Hortense Tinsley Pride Perry Mary Willie Rutlvand Lucille Edward Mrs Horn received a prize for high score Mrs Ortln guest prize and Miss Willie was consoled Tuesday evening Mr Taylor entertained in honor of Mrs Ortln Bridge and clane Ing were enjoyed by all The guest Included Mr and Mr Lane Mr and Mrs Charli Jordan Mrs Luolll Hill Jess Arrington Bradey Taylor Edwards Dr Cooke Mrs Ortln Misses Lucille and Ruth Edwards Mary Willie Dallas Scott At bridge Miss Ruth Edwards received high score Mra Ortln guest prize and Mrs Jordan wa consoled Miss Myrtle Long pent th week out of town Mr Annie Jonee of Newport News Va la visiting Mr Lucille HJoseph Taylor West Point Va spent the end with hla wife Mrs Hattie Taylor Dr and Mrs A Tinsley and sons James and Reginald who have been visiting the World's air returned hom thl week Miss Olivia Tally who has been at tending summer school at St Paul la hom Miss Annl Ghee of Phila delphia la visiting her mother Mrs Jan Price John Payne and William Single ton of Washington DC spent Sun day her Mra Wood and daughter Mrs Lucille Cheatham are spending some time In Washington DC vlaltlng rel ative and friends Mias Lucille Edwards sponsored a Baby Contest riday night August IS at th school auditorium taking In the thre churches here A com mute composed of Misses Ruth Ed wards Myrtle Long and Mr Eliza beth Doodruff of th A Church Mesdame Louvenla Davis Klturah Mitchell Susie Wilkins and Louis Harris (h missionary circle of Bap Canty and Nettle Whitaker for the Second Baptist Church This contest was quite successful A special pro gram was rendered by the Weldon talent After th program th babies wer arranged on the stage then Mrs Mitchell read the amount each baby raised Little John Payne Jr of Washington DC th baby of Mr a Tnhn PavriA th of Mr Slid Mrs Torn Singleton repre sented the missionary circle ot the Baptist Church and waa winner of the first prize He was awarded 12 00 Little Naomi Woodruff baby of Mr and Mm Bruce Woodruff of Ame Church wan second total amount raised was $5032 ATTKRN NO Til Al dftlSV Ing a this number no wonder mor and mor smart women are adopting them for Informal entertaining at home Prom the Ingeniously designed pockets to th pert cap sleeves th softly draped neckline and tb grateful full trouser thl pajama 1 Irresistible It ha the lovelines ot frock with the dash ot combination women will find becoming and wearsble DMignte in sizes 14 Id IS 4 USSI 40 Stea 3 requires 4 yds ot 14 lnch 'fabric or 4 yd ot 9 lnch fabric yd I for contrast aimpliaM niastrattau fer catting and sewlBg ar Included with esek pattern They glv eciwplete 41retias far sashing lhes drasM Please writ very plslnly your NAME 4ND ADDRE88 BTYLB NUMBSt and of ch pattern ordered PATTERNS AM 11 CENTS EACH I Addreas all orders to tb ARO AMXIU CAN Butaw st Baltimore ssa GOLDSBORO MISS RANCKS JOHNSON 309 Virginia Street NC night the Dragon Club presented one of beat dance orchestras of the season Alonza Ross and his Rhythmic Eleven to a large of pa trons at the Gideon Hall members of the orchestra who dressed uniformly in light blue silk shirts and black trousers further enhanced the beautv of hall was Alonza Ross himself a star per former as well as manager of this musical aggregation at piano with Cliff underwood as director There was Robert Griffin Roscoe Hol ton and Herbert ender wailing with their reeds Nathaniel Smalls William McCarthey and Robert inley shouting with their trumpets and no little at tention was paid to Roberts and Jesse the lone trombonist and banjoist respectively: while Moss McQuitty bore down on his saxophone twas Henry Washington who bore watching with those drums Mesdames Norma Darden and Mltchener spent Thursday afternoon in city visiting friends Have all news in to 309 Virginia Street by riday morning of week Miss Aurelia Whittington left Saturday to resume her work at isk University Nashville Tenn here she Is a junior Misses Lucile Hawkins and Lillian ennell Messrs Porter ennell and Maurice Barfield now enrolled tn Livingstone College Salisbury NC Ernest Adams and William Aldrich returned to Hampton Va to re sume their studies at Hampton Insti Miss Janet Harrison has returned to Barber Scotia College she is pursuing her studies The 1933 34 session of Golds boro schools began Saturday morning September 10 Teachers for four schools of the system are: East End School: Mrs Mabel Bright Holt prin cipal Mrs Gavin first Valeria Edwards first Mra Valnolla Scott second Miss Mary Brown third Miss Margaret Booth third Miss Ge neva ields fourth Greenleaf School: Mrs Holt principal Mrs Cora Johnson allen first Miss Margaret Spencer first Mrs Julia Groom second Mrs Alice Hogans third Mrs Ruth Cobb Ev erette fouth Miss Catherine Bond fifth School Street School: Chris tian principal Mrs A Christian first Miss Sadie Grantham first Miss Elna SasserEsecond Mlss Jones first Miss Lillie Baker second Mrs Graham third Miss Jessie Williams third Miss Susie aucette fourth: Miss Virginia ai son fourth Mrs rederick fifth Miss Hattie Whitley fifth Dillard Grammar and High School: Miss Dorothy Adams clerk Miss Rosa Atmore 6B Miss Geneva Parker 6B Mrs Wright 6A Miss airley 7B Miss Arabia Bunn 7A Miss Susie Guess 7A Miss Ida Wil liams domestic science Miss Odalla Johnson domestic art Johnson manual training Miller mason ry Clyde Pickett science Miss Josie Boney languages Miss Charity Hatcher mathematics Mrs Beatrice Underwood librarian and English Rev Green English A os ter mathematics Mrs Carney English Mrs Leaks physical geography Miss Rosa Gray nlstory Miss Arlena Rlggsbee business Miss rances Johnson music Mrs A Brown primary supervisor Brown principal Herman Watson Joseph and Homer McArthur motored to Elizabeth Town Wednesday to attend the funeral of John McArthur brother of Homer McArthur After leaving Elizabeth Town the party motored to Laurinburg they visited Laurinburg Insti tute where they were welcomed by Mr McDuffie principal Kasie Thompson nas returned to his home in Lumberton NC after spending some time visiting Mr and Mrs Joseph and Mr and Mrs Van Costen Mr and Mrs Brown and Mrs Sykes spent Sunday afternoon In Newton Grove NC Windsor Brooks and friend of Wash ington DC and Edward Brown brother of Brown spent a few hours Tuesday night visiting Mr and Mrs Brown Misses Mae Stoker Jessie Patrick Scott and Thelma aison left on Monday and Tuesday for ayetteville NC where they en rolled In Normal School of that city Misses Connie Thompson Lillian Aldrich Beulah Worrels Henry John son Eddie Lee Moses and Theodore Armstrong have left for Hampton Var they enrolled as new students oilMampton Institute Miss Oreta Clay has returned to Raleigh NC to resume her studies at Shaw University Miss Clay a member of the junior class Miss Dorothy Jones who attended State Normal a year or two ago left Tuesday to her work at ay etteville Mrs Johnson her daughter Miss rances Johnson and I on telllo Nanton spent a short while In Kinston NC visiting Miss Anse Thelma Bynum Sunday afternoon Dr and Mrs Wright spent Sunday evening and night in Rocky Mount as the guests ofaDr and Mrs Pittman Mrs Pittftian la Mrs sister Mrs Green sister of Mrs Valnolla Scott and children' Eunice Sidney and Ralph have been visiting Mr and Mrs Scott on Spruce Street Misses Hiidah Newkirk and Lillian Bltfgest 'All Negro DAUUHTERSl SEEKING LOST if MEMPHISy MM SAVANNAH MABTIN Ml Bl Avena MZMntn The Rev HateH Aeta editor of th National Bap tist Volo was io attsndano at the National Baptist Convention Ina Isit Mr Haynae has returned to Nashville Tn nev Zion (Antloohl port La and official of th tlon attended Tbo Rev La alter attendlns th aeulon th NatUnal Baptist Convention Ins left for Chloaeo last week to attend th Century ot rrosros end th Boyd Con vention during th year 133l t4 at LeMoyne Col Registratlons for th first emeser leg wer begun riday morning Haskins Jr Is spending the week end en hie estate at elts Tenneses Th Rev 3 ftlbbtns former pastor i of the Gllfleld Baptist Church and now pestering at Cleveland Ohio delivered five sermons while her attending the National Baptist Convention Two ot these sermon were preached a ehurahaa pastored by his son th Her Martin Bib kin fc An informal dinner party given en Tuesday at th residence of Mr and Mrs Grant cooper 7S Linde Street tar a few intimate friends The guests were Mrs Mary McDonald and Mrs Done gen of HuntsvUl Ala Utn Matthews 141 NsptaM iy aaonaay days In Ripley Tenn neral of her mother day ago Mte Bva May Nunn te th houa euaat ot Mabel Ward of 130 Dove Street Nunn's visit will eover thro weeks Want your news orlnted rav at Its 31 Avenue and get your favorite paper or mgln Mra Benjamin Perkins of St Locle Missouri la vacationing with her hus band Dr Benjamin Perkins pastor of th irst Baptist Church Beal Av nut Md Oroater oentenalal Baptist Church Clarksdale Miss BRISTOL No other face ipowcler enjoys popularity equal to Black and White Complexion Powder Attractive wquienevgrywhete who owe much of their beauty and charm to this superfine powder praise it enough The appealing refreshing perfume and thd natural tone blending of Black and White Comnlexion Powder instantly brine the sparkle) of fresh loveliness and charm to every face ive true to life tints White lesh Pink Brunette High Brown Try it! Ask your druggist for Black and White in the big black and white box only 25 Jrial size 10c CAROLINA from her bane not sino bean Avenue SALISBURY A KELSEY 225 East latter Street SALISBURY NC Miss Velma Jones the attractive daughter of Mr and Mrs Jones of Winston Salem NC was the week end Kuest of Miss es Mae and Kllzabeth Johnson While In the city the Misses Johnson enter tained at bridge and luncheon In her honor Miss Jones Is a former Hamp ton student but Is now enrolled at College at Winston Miss Edna Noble who has been vis iting In the city for the past three weeks has returned to her home in New York Mrs Kathleen Randall entertained at a progressive whist party honoring Miss Edna Noble of New York Mon day night The first prize was won by Miss Alleen Anderson the first prize by Romeo Henderson Miss Noble was recipient of the guest prize Those present were: Misses Alleen Anderson Ruth Miller Mae and Elizabeth Johnson Annie Belle Pharr Edmonla McKorkle and Mrs paulin Allison: Messrs Renouard Kelsey Arthur Buford Romeo Hen derson Lawrence Anderson red and Joe Duncan and Miss Libby Duncan Misses Mae and Elizabeth left for Hampton Institute Sunday William Kelsey Is vacationing tn New York and other points East en rout to Chicago and th World's air Mrs Portia Moor has returned to the city after spending the summer new xorK Abyssinia Promises To Punish Raiders and Mrs Gannaway the Rev Bkeen Mrs and Archie Long John Whitlock lost hla by flr Th revival services at Church th Rev Gannaway Pas tor closed riday sight The Rev Bkeen of Dkln NC preached and aaafated the pastor in this meeting At Shiloh Baptist Church th Rv Staton pastor nvlvel service closed riday Th Her A Whit of Win ston Salam NO pastor of Bethlehem Baptist church ot this city did th preaching mg Mr Smith returned te New York City Bunday alter spending a while with hr family and friends Mr Walker on Rockford Street wa dinner hostess riday to Mra Lena Martin ot New York and Mr erry Hin ton and children ot Jackson Michigan Mrs irry Hinton and children left Sunday for their home in Jackson Michi gan Mr Percy Savyers on Rockford Street la much Improved after having been sick for taro weeks Th Rev and Mrs Walker mo tored a far as Rocky Mount Saturday tn returning home their guest Mrs Hines who te Mrs Welker sister TARBORO By GEORGE WHITAKEB TARBORO The Rev Jahn A Mo bone Paul Shirley and Zalma oreman motored to Washington DC Th Iter Mr Mcban was the guest ot hie sister Mia lossie Perk has returned to High Point after visiting her parents Mr Sadie Bryant Wilson haa returned from Hampton Va where she was the guest ot Mr and Mra WJldy of rogmor SC Mr and Mrs Henry Lyon end family of Smouth Va have bean visitor here Mr and Mrs Martin Knlghb of Rocky Mount spent Sunday with Mr and Mr Robert Whitaker Thomas Russell end daughter Mtes Lida Mae Russell have returned to Dur ham after attending the funerad of their sister her Mr and Mrs Killlard hav inns4 from Atlanta Georg Stokes of Rocky Mount was hero last week Belli Wood haa returned frooa New Jersey Georg Whitaker will tear soon for Norfolk Mr and Mrs Lee Williams had as their dinner guests Mr and Mrs Wlldy rogmora Mrs wildy te th daughter ot Mrs Sarah Bryant Mr Mary Knight of Schott te very sick at her home Mra Carrie Henderson and tater ot Montclair NJ have returned to their hom after spending some Um with Mr and Mra A PatUlo Mr Beatrice Parker hat returned from Norfolk and Hampton Va Atlantic City sum! New York Mia lossis Parker wu entertained by aero aa Weeton HICKORY By MIm Henderson Sixty Third Annual Mountain haVinK ft Rev CambeU preached the Educe The father the Rev I Henry Slzteamt earmon tahlh Wil flHlAVftfll a a by who heard him and on lami night Prof Price of Shaw University de livered the address Among some of people of the City attended the camp meeting at McKlnsle Bunday were Dr and Nrs Smith Mr and Mrs rank Shuford and family Mrs Lydia Brown Mrs McClalra Mrs Boss Mrs Hoke Mrs Long Mr Johnson Mrs A Henderson and daughters Ione and Menzle Mr Me Krokle Hlchory Tar Heels baseball team won In a baseball game from Lenoir base ball team here September 13th Miss Carrie Johnson has returned home after visiting in Sandusky Ohio and Chicago Hl where she visited the Miss Carrie Johnson who is a senior college student at A college Greensboro will leave Wednesday Miss A Holmes spent week end in Greensboro her home Miss Rose Agnes Gaston is teaching near Lincolnton Miss Minnie Oopentng formerly of place but now of Charlotte visited rel atives and friends here last week Rldgevlew high school opened Wednesdayt September 13 th with a large attendance Mr and Mrs Demp Reid and Lucas Harpers spent week end in Bridge water The Bethel AME Bunday school mo tored to Roaney Chaple Monday on a picnic St James Presbyterian Bunday echool met at Bob Slmolton Springs Tuesday with th children Dellcloua Ic cream and cakes were aerved Lewis Pruett and sister Mr Ada Moore hav returned from Canada and Detroit Mich where they report a wonderful time and lots of sights Mrs Evely Duley la visiting her par ents the Rev and Mrs Johnson on ifth f'Lydia Pinkham's Vege able Compound all you claim it to be I was weak and rundown from my housework and farmwork I saw the Com pound advertised and heard people talking about it Since I took it I feel like a new per son It has helped me in every way nerves strength and ap petite I am recommending it to Aft Tempa oster Thomasville Alabama If you are nervous tired weak rundown or blue get a bottle of this medicine today It tones up the whole system quiets quivering nerves helps you to eat add sleep better gives you more pep and energy makes trying days endurable Sold at all drug storesi AML TraWx WEM Mra fWlHr vllii Haunter Xv 7 vt? vc' fil I Ik 4 jw i I S' WS 1 I 3 Wr i I 4' 11 k' rj i I 2 I 1 1 1 It i ip I I mKA i I lit fl I ft wrf COMPLEXION POWDER I.

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