The Bee from Danville, Virginia (2024)

The Bee: Danville, Monday, September 27, 1943 Seven Can Put Grade 3 Tires On Used Cars For Sale WASHINGTON, Sept. The Office of Price Administration today automobile dealers their (OPA), authorized, stocks of grade 3 (used" or recapped) tires to equip used cars they hold for sale. The OPA requires that the tires must be used on a car which does not now have the allowable number of tires, that the replaced tire or tube which cannot be repaired or recapped, and that the replacement is approved by the OPA tire inspector. The order is aimed at moving large stocks of grade 3 tires now in dealers' hands into useful service, OPA said, and to alleviate the shortage of automobiles to some extent. The siren of the animal world a tailed amphibian, Expecting a Kaly! Mother's Friend helps bring ease and comfort to expectant mothers, FRIEND.

exquisitely prepared emollient, is useful in all conditons where a bland, mild anodyne massage medium in skin lubrication is desired. One condition in which women for more than 70 years have used it is an application for massaging the body during pregnancy It helps keep the skin soft and pliable. thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort due to dryness and tightness. It refreshes and tones the skin. An ideal massage application for the numb, tingling or burning sensations of the for the tired back muscles or cramp-like pains in the legs Quickly absorbed.

Delightful to use. Mother's Friend Highly praised by users, many doctors and nurses. Just ask any druggist for Mother's Friend--the skin lubricant. Try it tonight Obliging YONKERS, N. Sept.

Stephen Sackett, 46, who has been arrested 20 times on intoxication charges, walked into police headquarters. "I thought I'd bring myself in and save you 1 the trouble," he announced. Police charged him with drunkenness--and ushered him to a cell. Danville Has One Of Two Flight Instructor Schools Danville Military School was one of two new flight instructor schools listed in an announcement released this week-end by Major General T. J.

Hanley, commanding the Army Air Forces Eastern Flying Training Command. Maj. Gen. Hanley released an announcement concerning activation of 23 new units for training additional flight instructors with headquarters at Maxwell Field, Ala. There will be five secondary schools, eight cross -country schools, eight link instrument schools and two instructor schools to be attended by each student in the order listed.

The other instructor school is at Gordon Military College, Barnesville, Ga. Following completion of the courses in these schools, students will attend the Central Instruetors' School at Randolph Field, from which they will graduate approximately one year after beginning training. At the termination of the course, the students will revert to their enlisted reserve status in order to serve as civilian instructors at the primary schools where are needed. EYES Modern equipment. No drops needed in this modern method.

Thirteen years' experience examining eyes. Most advanced methods used in complete, scientific examination. Air conditioned office for your comfort. Dr. Miriam W.

Beauchamp In DANVILLE Office In MARTINSVILLE Office 603 Main St. Hours Evenings By Appointment- -Phone 3911 Order Coal Now Be sure of keeping warm this winter by ordering coal NOW! You may not be able to get it later because of war-time conditions. Let us arrange a LOAN to enable you to order and pay cash for your coal! Low-cost-easy payments! DANVILLE SMALL LOAN CORPORATION 109 No. Union Street Hotel Burton Building The Misty, Magical Flattery of So FElL Velvety smooth, exquisite suedes or medium heel'd to wear for everyday or special occasions! A BACKLESS a "FLOWER BOW" a "SCROLL BOW" inexpensive, tool 5.95 seen in Vogue and Mademoiselle CREATIONS Just Received! 150 Pairs Official Girl Scout Oxfords Sizes 4 to 10, AAA to $5.50 JOHNSON'S "The Cash Store With a Cash Price for the Cash Customer" STETTINIUS TAKES OVER NEW POST State Department Job Is Expected To Soothe Russia WASHINGTON, Sept. -Edward R.

Stettinius, the man who pumped martial lifeblood into Russia during the grimmest phases of her struggle with the Germans, moved into the No. 2 spot at the State Department today amid congressional predictions that harmony has been restored on this country's diplomatic front. President Roosevelt's appointment of the 42-year-old lend administrator as undersecretary of state, and his simultaneous reshuffling of the foreign economic and relief setups, were viewed on Capitol Hill as presaging a firmer approach to difficult international parleys ahead. Despite his "big business" background, the suave, earnest Stettinius has come to be well liked and respected in congressional circles. This was demonstrated forcefully when the bill renewing the life of his lend-lease administration went through congress with hardly a ripple of debate last spring.

And equally important, from the standpoint of the forthcoming tripartite talks among Britain, Russia, and the United States, his lection is almost bound to be welcomed in Moscow, where he is known as the man who dispatched arms, food and other lend-lease supplies for the Soviet troops. Coupled with the expected appointment of W. Averell Harriman, lend-lease expediter in London, as the new United States ambassador to Russia, the Stettinius choice is regarded as likely to offset any Soviet disappointment over the retirement of Sumner Welles, former undersecretary, Welles had been looked on by the Russians as one of their staunchest friends in the State Department. His resignation was announced with "sincere regret" by President Roosevelt in a statement which gave Mrs. Welles' health as the reason.

There had been reports for some time of fundamental differences between the undersecretary and Secretary Hull. The appointment of Stettinius, who had not figured prominently in speculation over a cessor to Welles, was announced with such dramatic suddenness that he had to cancel plans for attending a ship launching in San Francisco and fly back to Washington. It is probable that he and Harriman will accompany Secretary Hull to Moscow next month for a meeting wih the British and Russian foreign ministers, preliminary to a Roosevelt-Stalin-Churchill conference. Stettinius, who has been to Moscow before in connection with Lend-Lease operations, is expected to apply his practical and realistic business experience to his new post -he formerly was chairman of the board of the United States Steel Corporation. Mr.

Roosevelt said his business experience admirably fitted him for the job. In further preparation for important developments in foreign economic and relief fields, the President announced these moves: The appointment of former Gov. Herbert H. Lehman of New York as special presidential assistant to complete plans for next month's organization meeting of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. Lehman has been mentioned as a likely director general for this international agency.

The consolidation, under Leo T. Crowley, of the Office of Economic Warfare, the Lend-Lease administration, the Office of Foreign Economic Coordination, and the Office of Foreign Relief and Rehabilitation Operations. Much of the latter office, now headed by Lehman, probably will be absorbed into the United Nations setup. Jaycees To Hold Scrap Paper Drive In City Sunday The Junior Chamber of Commerce assisted by Boy Scouts will conduct as house-to-house scrap paper campaign here next Sunday. Paper is to be bundled and left on the porch or sidewalk and leaders of the drive have issued a statement concerning preparation of the paper for collection.

Darrell Patty, chairman of the scrap paper committee, said, after talking to officials of an out-oftown paper manufacturing concern, that the paper could be more easily handled and more paper could be sent at one time, if the residents will have the paper bundled when the trucks call in their respective neighborhoods. Newspapers should be folded flat (the the paper boy sells them) hand tied in bundles about 12 inches high. Magazines should be tied in bundles about 18 inches high. Corrugated and cardboard boxes and cartons should be flattened out and tied in bundles about 12 inches high, and wastebasket paper, (wrappers, envelopes) should be packed in a box or bag for easy handling. Mr.

Patty went on to say that a box-car will be placed on a siding at the freight depot in which the scrap paper will be put for delivery to the paper mills. The car will hold 30,000 pounds of paper, and Mr. Patty said, "we ought to be able to fill that easily--maybe another one besides." Scrap paper is needed to make FBI Police Conference Here Tomorrow The Federal Bureau of Investigation quartely police conference for this area will be held in the U. S. District Court room at the Post Office Building tomorrow morning at 10:30 o'clock, H.

I. Bobbitt, special agent in charge of the Richmond F. B. I. office, has announced.

All law enforcement officers, including the auxiliary police, are to attend the session. Chief of Police Ural Watson of the Danville Police Department, will addres sthe group on "Cooperation Between Federal, State, Municipal and County Officers," Sergeant John F. Floyd of the Martinsville Police Department, will speak on "Civilian Defense Activities in War Time" and Captain W. C. Thomas, Virginia State Police, will use "Statewide Communications in War Time" as his topic.

Following the speeches there will be an open panel forum and discussion on Selective Service, security matters and mutual police problems. At 12:00 noon the meeting will adjourn for luncheon. In conclusion there will be firearms demonstration, commencing at 1 o'clock, which will consist of the firing of Thompson submachine guns, the practical pistol course and the riot or gas gun. The Thompson machine gun has been used in the apprehension of some of the most dangerous criminals of the nation. It has been popular with law enforcement officers for years as well as being used extensively by the Army, Navy and Marines.

It will fire 500-600 shots per minute and has a maximum range of 200-250 yards. However, it is considered most effective up to 100 yards, it has been said. The practical pistol course was designed by firearms experts of the F.B.I. to give experience in firing from various practical positions that a law enforcement officer might encounter from time to time. The course consists of rapid fire hip shooting, firing from the prone, from sitting positions and from behind barricades with both the left and right hand.

The gas gun is effective in dispersing large crowds or quelling riots and disturbances of that nature. Rites Today For William E. Cook William E. (Buddy) Cook died at his home, 1033 North: Main street, yesterday morning at 7 o'clock after an illness of eight weeks. He was born in Danville, March 7th, 1913, the son of O.

T. and Mary Lee Cook. He was well known here having operated the Court Street Service Station for several years and more recently worked in Baltimore, Md. He was a member of Moffett Memorial church and Danville Lodge B. P.

O. Elks. Besides his parents survivors include his wife, Mrs. Edna Cooper Cook and two children, William E. Cook, and Sarah Ellen Cook of Danville: two brothers and two sisters, James E.

Cook of Fort Story, O. T. Cook, U. S. Army, Mrs.

Maury Slaughter and Miss Angeline Cook of Danville. Funeral services will be conducted from Moffett Memorial church this afternoon at 4 o'clock. Interment will be made in Highland burial park. Danville Lodge No. 227, B.

P. O. Elks will conduct the rites at the grave. THE $65 QUESTION SALT LAKE CITY, (P) -Clyde Lindsay, awakened by antruder in his room, asked "What do you want?" "I'm looking for Mary," the fleeing visitor answered. Missing from Lindsay's trousers was $65.

airplane parts, cartridge shells, medicinal containers, parachute flares and hundreds of other items used in the war-effort. You can wear any Costume Color with the right shade of Frances Denney face powder Miss Denney has scientifically blended her Face Powders to adapt your skin tone to any costume color. SATINY POUDRE $300 FRANCES DENNEY FACE POWDER, $150 Special New Twin Set 1.50 Toiletries 1st Floor L. HERMAN "Danville's Best SHOWDOWN ON DRAFT IS SOUGHT Taft Presses Action On 30-Year Age Limit For Inducted Fathers By JACK BELL WASHINGTON, Sept. With the Wheeler no-father draft bill apparently headed toward a committee pigeonhole, Senator Taft (R-Ohio) announced today he would demand a showdown vote in the Senate this week on a substitute proposal directing selective service to take only family heads under 30 years old.

Taft told reporters that no matter what happens to the Wheeler bill--which would delay the induction of pre-Pearl fathers until after Jan. seek Harbor, to force action on his measure. The substitute would permit the drafting of fathers to begin on schedule Friday, but would limit selections to younger married men. "There are about 1,000,000 married men under 30 years old with children and all of the 446,000 fathers the Army and Navy say they need to fill their quotas this year could be obtained from that class," Taft declared. His opinion was that if the younger fathers were taken it might never be necessary to call CHRISTINAS Many THEY'LL think more of your gifts, if they arrive on time! They can, only you mail them by October 15th for Army folks; by November 1st for all other services.

No package can weigh over 5 be more than 15 inches long, or 36 inches in girth and length. SPORTSMAN SERVICE MEN'S FAVORITE TOILETRIES- Sea Forth, Old Spice, Yardley, Sportsman, and Gourielli SHAVING LOTION HAIR DRESSING SHAVING CREAM SOAPS TALCS DEODORANTS In Sets or Separate Pieces SHAVING BRUSHES -fine quality bristles and strong handles 1.75 to 4.95 DOUBLE EDGE RAZOR BLADES -fine quality steel -package of 72 for 1.00 WOOLEN SCARFS -khaki or navy all -wool knit 1.98 THIRD LOAN L. Herman Has family men over 30 who, he contends, are much more likely to have responsibilities that are not shared by those under that age. The Ohio senator said he recognized that his proposal would throw an added burden on selective service, but he insisted that a classification of this nature ought to have been made long ago. If Taft is successful in obtaining a vote, his measure might replace the bill of Senator Wheeler (-Mont).

Even then, its final approval by the Senate seemed doubtful. The Wheeler measure is screduled for debate tomorrow, with the prospect that after it has been discussed two or three days a motion will be made to send it back to the military committee for further study. Another substitute will be offered tomorrow by Senator Bailey (D-NC), which, if adopted, would forbid deferments for bachelors and married men without children now employed by the government. A similar measure may be brought before the House, but aides said Bailey would not press substitute if final action on the Wheeler bill is delayed. During the past year about 500,000 Bibles or portions have distributed to U.

S. armed forces. CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY WINCHESTER, Sept. (P)---The 90th anniversary of the cornerstone laying of the Market Street Methodist Church was celebrated yesterday. Bishop William W.

Peele, of Richmond, reviewed the history of Methodisism in northern Virginia, dating back to days of the Revolution. PSORIASIS RELIEVE THE ITCHING Aid in removing scales and relieve the itching of Psoriasis the antiseptic stimulating way with Black and White Ointment. Use only as directed. Daily cleanse with Black and White Skin Soap, WATCH YOUR STEP! Economy and conservation are the watch words today! Unnecessary spending should be guarded against. Buy only what is needed and borrow only for worthwhile purposes.

We make such loans at low cost and with weekly or monthly repayments conveniently adjusted to your income. Back the Attack Buy War Bonds Industrial Bank of Danville "THE FRIENDLY BANK" Masonic Temple Martinsville Danville Walnut Street MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSII INSURANCE CORPORATION MAIL if POST Gifts For The Army, Will your packages be there England, Africa, Iceland, the Here are a few of the gifts man and woman in service SHOE SHINE AND SEWING KITS- -foldup style, for Army, Navy, Marines, WACS and WAVES 1.98 DUFFLE BAG SHOE SHINE KITS- -khaki or navy twill 1.25 to 2.98 Leatherette 1.25 and 1.98 SPECIAL PACKAGES OF FOOD Leave orders at once for specially packed goodies for overseas shipment. Sent freshly packed from New York. Prices with out postage 1.09 to 2.00 MONEY BELTS -moistureproof khaki or navy twill. Three pockets with secret compartment for valuables 1.00 to 1.98 EXCHANGE Navy, Marines, WACS And WAVES when it's MERRY CHRISTMAS in Italy, Ireland, Aleutians, New Guinea and on the Seven Seas? you'll find in our Post Exchange--gifts that every L.

HERMAN "Danvilles Best Store' of KITS-genuine leather, zipper styles. Waterproof linings. Ideal for soldiers on week- end leave 7.95, 9.95, 12.95 Genuine Leather Kits cowhide with snap fastener. Waterproof lining. Generous compartments 8.95 Fitted Toilet Kits -khaki or navy twill.

Compact 1.98 to 5.95 Writing Portfolios 1.69 BOXED STATIONERY-100 sheets Hammermill Bond, 100 envelopes 1.50 BILL FOLDS--genuine leather with sections for snapshots, cards, money, etc. 1.98 to 3.50 SNAPSHOT BOOKS--leather covers with gold embossed insignias 1.00 GAME KITS -combination Backgammon, Acey-Ducey and Checkers 1.00 TOBACCO POUCHES and Cigarette Cases in twill or leatherette. Navy or khaki 1.00 L. Herman's Post Exchange 1st Floor DRIVE THIRD WAR LOAN DRIVE War Bonds And Stamps For Sale In THIRD LOAN DRIVE The Credit Office, 2nd Floor.

The Bee from Danville, Virginia (2024)
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