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THl'l ENTERPRISE RICHMOND INDIANA RIDAY JULY 26 1895 ICMKBVSBOCCESnKt CRIME DOINGS IN INDIANA HOPEUL GAS VIEW HOUK HARVEY TALK Who Was BLACK Neuralgia Niirried Woman Criminally THE EYES ATTACKS Paid Revere flakes Question of tlio Prosperity of This Conn cushion About 2690 Al BY USING Pills ami and not drawn on beyond their recu of i ts AGENTS i a 36 Brumfield St Grand Excursion TO' THE BEST NEWSPAPER OR INDIANA READERS 18 BRUTE VIA cl Up With ear Three IJug 7the will receive the dv ID tl vG ii JU booh le 'inn: JOURNAL NEWSPAPER CO 1 Mmtin Grand Rapids Indiana Railroad iinknown No 3 njarvn IN fit! ur It' doll so The mnd 1 intelligent' Minnie nl: nc i out It II orr nrr a hard war 1 fill I tn obtaiiie mu iv nite jt no I TIN a tit II The two metal: ic I air he A nnng BIG OUR ROUTE ei TO THE 1OKK bllUAbWAT terra file Sport and 10 According to the I head red on i of iniu Mrs Tho broken wi tr: of eh Liver Pills Tonic Pellets are a Perfect Treatment for Constipation and Biliousness One pill a dose id ms! ii'tT What lie and tin: of labor nr dollai Eyery Wednesday 2 to 4p Nr xtra charge for testing the eyes Spec lacles properly fitted and satisfactiot Xnaranteed limit: atioii i nil 10 Tl nn the fnl ti of swords and charge the mob which was eventually dispersed after several other arrests had on made mnt orse No 2 'illy th minted the io riercnant or ort Haott tee ex Do You Want A DR ALLEN OPTICIAN May be seen at No 15 North 10th street Richmond Indiana up amt ins of When That luid Does Give Out Oil Will Take Its lare CELEBRATED SILVER DE BATE STILL GOING ON and ini via Columbus tird on Tan Handle train on tram No th ich the i)ta: and if i 1 three rigs wounded an Mis Will I Electric Line or Marion Marton July 23 Charles Henry of Anderson was in this city yesterday afternoon closeted with the Marion City Railway people for some time It is not known the exact subject of the con versation but it is thought it was in re gard to the construction of the Henry electric dine to this city Air Henry being asked if they would commence work on their line this fall stated that he did not know He said it was their intention to build the road from Ander son to Summitville this fall but he did not know whetliey they would get to do that or not Os OS giving securirie Poisoned His amily Chicago July John Olson a car penter was arrested yesterday charged with attempting to murder his family His wife Johanna and two daughters Johanna aged 8 years and Alary aged 4 years are dangerously ill from drink ing coffee in which Olsen is said to have placed a quantity of poison There is a chance for their recovery as they re ceived prompt medical attention it is charged that Olsen poisoned his family that he might marry auothewomau with whom he is infatuated 1 Lc Boston Mass Magnificent Sleeping Car Service gant Dining Cars was some found iti ini in to country iid the mi tom of Mr Harvo that mat mg tin do'mr of one present value wmi'd double' the Sarver Poisoning Case Brownstown July 22 Josephine Derringer who is charged by Nevola Belknap as being implicated with her and having advised her to administer poison to leming Sarver and wife has EmlANLNTLY CURED SI it Washington July 24 The president has issued an order extending the classi fied civil service of 125 offices excepted in the United States geological survey This rule places practically the entire force of the survey under the civil service rules the only offices remaining exempted being the chief disbursing officer chief clerk confidential clerk and professional experts and special agents employed on per diem salaries Rich A th Rapine I Ilich A Wayne Ac Ex i fully 250 explosion st horrible LIGHT Unbearable AV ACCIDENT three and earn seme started in separate bn wives to see their sister at Monroe young man driving atte zeys The 1 came in th: natur ii anv Yomig Girl Blissins: English July 21 Alinnie Geimet 8 years old has been missing since Sun day last at which lime she started on a visit to her aunt one mile away 'ike country is full of tramps and kidnaping is feared child large for 1 black and inter pa me the al reputatior iilfiv has probably tan any other Cg Cs Us Og o'j OS OS oi os Oj Os war seen that th as lTli 2 18111 matter bo all barnxl Mr Hot written ar Decatur July It is reported that William and Thomas Elzey of this city Ties with their who was dying from hero a i who were cut iss both the Bl ot Wiiiiam Elzey who ir ran avrr and 1 he out avo grown toget her riles have been out but no missing girl has been found CAX ORTAT V1 lorthern hospital place Ono of her for women London July 21 thus far returned the state of the parties is as follows: Conservatives 808 Liberal Unionists 51 total Union ists 364 Liberals 126 McCarthy ites 57 Paruellites 9 Labor 2 total opposition 194 The Unionists thus far show a net gain of 73 seats r's LU half Tickets good going August 19th to 25th good returning until September JOrh with privilege of extension until heptember 30th or full particulars call on agent of Big our Route or address McCORMICK 1) Pass Prallic Mar Gen Pass 7c Ticket Ac mii mere ratio has built millionaire mi Hi and men that dun going to provi ii tlie coming change in rebith on trial in murder of his father in law cns Alay 27 in a inacsome miles northwest of tins city Time card for Hichn nd Indianapolis July 24 Doc Lung a Chinaman arrested for carrying con cealed weapons has been discharged the criminal court He had a butcher knife up his sleeve when a squad of sanitary officers made a raid on a sup posed opium joint It was shown to the Died rom Heart Trouble AIavion Jnlv 23 Iloni Y' an old and respected resident of this city died yesterday from heart trouble Air Young has been a resident of this place since 1859 rt July is brought iterest to the nip Indiana now but In KOK' kO July 22 Leach natu ral gas inspector after a thorough sci entific study and four time spent in personal observation in the gas and oil territory of the state takes a Hall was went oil high in tl cannot recover William Eizej nally injured: The dying si: is calling for ance of their king presented a set of colors to civic guard and great crowds or peopm assembled to witness the ceremoi When tlie king was starting tor tim place his majesty was assailed with cries of with the The police arrested 10 persons for tak ing part in this demonstration against the king and the crowds midi a de Put in Bay Lake Chautauqua Toronto and Thousand Islands very hopeful view of the saving quali ties of tiie gas and ihe ultimate develop ment of an immense oil field Professor greatest concern is in the reck less waste of the valuable fluid Ho says there is an enormous leakage in tributary pipe lines millions of feet of gas being lost in that way every day Gas companies should employ men whose solo duty is to stop the leaks Ex 1 1 00 a 3 0'0 in Teacher lor orty ive Years rankfort July 24 Allies A Car ver aged 80 years one of the oldest schoolteachers in point of service hav ing been a teacher for 45 years is dead his home in this county Deceased was a native of New and a de scendant of John Carver the first gov ernor of Connecticut aired by a gold to recogni'e receive it at it in gold nations to free coins or us to aftempf it Arrested or Itiirslarv Valparaiso July 23 Nick Hanson of Cincinnati and red Warner of Indianapolis have arrested for burglary The officers had a running fight of nearly two miles before they eucceeded in capturing them The property was found in their pos session Bullet Went Through the Target Peru July David Troyer a farm er living south of this city was acci dentally killed by his nephew Hiram who was trying a revolver and shot at a board in a shed The board was pene trated and Air Troyer who was on the other side received the charge in his Ships Bobbed bv Bednnini Jeddah iiy 24 A mob of 150 Bedouins made a determined attack yes 1 terday upon a number of lighters in the! harbor They boar led the vessels and plundered them of the most valuable goods on board Seven sailors and nine i negro stevedores were seriously wbund ed in defending the lighters mobbed The details of the crime ars horrible The poor woman had her hands tied behind her back every st itch of clothing torn from her body and her throat cut from oar to ear Half of a suspender buckle found under the wom an filled a missing part from a similar buckle on the negro A part of the ne shirt had boon torn from him ami was held by the woman The negro was bloody and a part of Airs Cain's hair was found sticking to his clothes double the amount of clothing in i country He said Mr Harvey to bo on 1(1 to I Mr Harv 'y proceeded to argue that both gold and silver were the measure 1 of values until 'Sil Referring to the Cambridge City Lumber Yard Pi: Lumber Shingles Lath Sash Door? tc nlsr Thno Cement Brick Tile etc: Heath Milbgan Paints Ezra Hill Prop McCormick Pass Tnf ALmer CINCINNATI Co KnightsTsmplar CONCLAVE BOSTON MAST? AUG 25 31 RECORD HAPPENINGS THE PAST EW DAYS i rani Walker will of wealthy I after bei i was drawn in January Trains arriva from th' Ni 3t A Rich ar! I ir arids 4 Rich ir Rnpitls A Hicli Ea except Satnrilav A'! otherwise indicated depart anti er oept Sunday LOCKWOOD (J ELM Ell Agent liicteiiond Irtd farmer Walker died last April ng insane two years His will 1S91 Bv its lit'etime ini crest husband was subject to severe attacks ol neuralgia wiu ii caiiseu nun great pain and suffering The pains were principally about his eyes and lie often bad to remain in adarkeued room not being able Io sland tho light Tills being reeommeiided he tried them using one bef re each meal They very soon afioided relief followed by perma nent cure I nn a strung believer in the efficacy of Ayer's Tills and would not be without them for ten times their Airs Al Debvt Liberty Lave used Tills iurny family for forty years and regard them as the very Uncle Martin Hanco*ck Lake Citv la AYErS PILLS Received Highest Awards AT THE AIR 60000000000000000000000? Crowd of Jlnw Workmen Almost Kill a Child liavislior Buffalo July 21 Albert Surprise a Camidimi workman employed by tlie Black Ptock lumber firm of Holland Graves Montgomery was assaulted in the woods on Buckhorn island in the Niagara river and nearly met his death at the hands of an infuriated mob of his fellow workmen because of his at tempt to ravish a 7 year old girl the daughter of Carl Detkni a foreman ii the employ of the same company A picnic was given by the lumber firm Saturday as is customary each year Most of the half hundred workmen took their wives and children along Sur prise inveigled the little girl off into (lie I cred by her Detkni and other set upon the brute (lulis and stum's and almost luinune: Chicago July 23 date were thrown to the dogj yesterday in the debate between Horr and Harvey It was mere than ever a case of Greek Greek and interest in tho tug of heightened at once when it ws Pericles as wed other years no important re in favor of 1 Sl'5 opined the dispute with a oiment touching the impos a fixed ratio ami silver iying the world had cub time vides that after the the prop erty shall go to the testator's brothers of the director of the mint showing that silver dollars in greater or less amounts never said that the regular way of carrying Iris kitchen utensils and that he did not have it his for any of his friends One are for I he Remit! Trip of John Golfroth Lafayette July 23 Hou John Coffroth of this city one of the ablest lawyers of the northern Indiana and well and favorably kmiwix ir'r the en tire state is dead at the of (is after a long illness Mr CoTroth for many years was a trustee of Purdue univer sity ami served several years in tho general assembly widow and two children survive him cad 'it Liter it appears recov onseionsiuss ami fled the country sis a reputation Ho was arre Locki on a charge of rape I''ison for six months at liberty but a short Our patrons know tlie excellent ty of thoce excursions' via the which is the natural route to the via Buffalo Elegant Wagner Sleeping Car accommodations will be provided for all Solid Train of Parlor Cars ami Coaches run through without change ir Applause A had no To Poor a and the West via Pennsylvania Lines ((lutein efi i on the trsirs ri to i v'a Logan and tv 11 and i''vt nt Western I'liimi Skeph ear Harvey charged that Senator Aliirri'l igredin saying that no silver dollars were coined for 40 years prior to INDIANAPOLIS IND Mr Honey Richmond Agent Bar Mill or Andersen Anderson July The National Tinplate company has decided to add a bar mill to its large plant Pittsburg parties are said to be interested in the new aacuuuu illarvey said that the gold mon had i doubled llm yard in 1873 He I asked whether if half tho gold in tho world wore destroyed the value of the gold dollar would not be doubled at which Mr Horr shook his head Air Horr in renly to the charge that i the demon ition of silver cut tho i values of products two said that if that were true prices would have at once dropped 50 per cent The fact was that tiiev (lid not If the destruc tion of half the wheat crop would raise I prices four fold the demonetization' in silver did not destroy it Returning to I the attack Air Imrr said that I v'v did not care for rat io wglfig a etieap (lol ltr 1 tip jie eimuume said that a debts Air Horr re snnl savin we to and PeoriaTore ion re: itrning or details plca'e ap ply io local ticket agent of Pennsylvania Lir Elver Ticker Agent richmond Ind of tlie two brothersn but is kept in iguor bk sorrow or full partioiilars write to nearest agent BIG fouf ROUTEJ has discovered a good witness in Mr Elizabeth Bard for whom the Derringer girl had been working It is claimed that the girl had revealed some start ling tacts end that there is now no doubt of Josio Derringer being an ac complice of the Belknap girl com are b''iii added to tl for the in cme tl the is ur men the Int July 2 1 James Sulli van a boy 12 years old was drowned yesterday in Eagle creek near the in sane hospital He was in swimming with other buys and was taken withcramps His ciies attracted attention but the other boys were not able to res cue him in time to save his life The Indianapolis Journal And it should be in possession of every man who desires to be THORUGHLY POSTED on ALL POLITICAL GENERAL NEWS TOPICS and espe cially INDIANA NEWS Tlie DAILY CRNJSHES ALL THE NEWS Local Ilona slic and oreign complete and accurate market reports a State news service that covers all im portant events and a ffeneious supply of nnscelluieous infoinudion for general readers This year the proceedings of' the Stele Lerisiai uro will he of especial ami Its columns both news and abveitemg are fiee from incteren or oliji mionsble matter GIVE 11 Illi A It will cost you I Cents a Week EX AST E'N NESS EE Alabama Virginia Jefferson City AIo July Word Inis just ri'iiehed Imre of a hor rible and butchery near ulton in Cillowav county yesterday carried out Target shooting both at short long range will be one of the most portant and interesting features of the camp Tho range is situated between the bl nil's of rhe river of which a fine view can bo hud from the electric car station The shooting will continue all I the week Cue of sightseer is 1 has only Three military law they all have light won more first prizes company in existence wmio the Kock i villa light artillery is nut far behind followed closely by the Zollinger bat tery of ort Wayne These companies owing to their wide reputario ally attract more attention other niirt of the camp Tlic'feeding of such a large body of men is an important matter and DrW Al Wright chief of the surgical staff makes a careful inspection of all sub sistence He has already condemm 1 600 pounds of beef sent the irst regi ment and has ordered the sutlers not to sell ice cream cakes pies etc as he considers such food unwholesome to men in camp The daily programme commences with call for reveille at 5:25 a and the soldier from that time until which is at 10:15 ni has his time taken up with the various duties con nected with army camp life Regimen tal parades occur each evening and on Thursday afternoon the entire brigade will situation cofesscr Leach expressed tlie opinion that a colossal reservoir of oil lies directly under the entire gas terri tory and liter as tlie gas gives out the oil will take its place of its over pruii net ion Silver has bo come cheap in this world just precisely the same as wheat and iron and zinc and load and other articles have been cheapened Gold had depreciated in value in less than 100 years 50 per cent It is ciieapt now than it was in 1373 All articles that can be produced by iu yeution are cheaper than they west) be fore the invention was Every i method which brings machinery into i I ik lV "nd puts less human toil into rhe 'product of any lU'ticle cheapens 1 hat ar ticle The fact is the years from 1879 to 1892 found our people better employed aiid at better wages than in any other same number of years since the govern ment was formed Applause Air As to the prosperity of this country between 1879 and 1892 Yon could not break down a great na tion like this in one year It has taken a long period to bring us to the bitter cup of disappointment and distress al though 1 know with each four years the political parties have charged each other with having destroyed the prosperity of the previous four years Applause I Alr Horr continued his argument as to the cheapeniiig of production of n'l articles including gold after which ad journment was had Cnpid inally Won Valparaiso July 23 Claude and Airs Sarah Herman of this city after three unsuccessful attempts at elopement and marriage finally suc ceeded yesterday at Chicago in having the knot tied Claude is 20 veursold and his father objected to his marriage The bride is 35 years old a widow and has four children Nelson suit to break tho es Walker a Whittng July 22 rank of the Standard Oil company murdered as he was returning to this place from Chicago by a gang of gar roters He made a fight for his life but was finally overcome by a blow with a bludgeon The men then rifled his pockets securing a valuable watch and chain and HOO in cash To cover their crime the robbers stripped the clothes off the body and placed it across the Baltimore and Ohio tracks where a freight train ground it to pieces Parts of the body 'were strewn along the track for an eighth of a mile No clew to the murderers I Loogootee July 23 Mrs Uriah I Clements a well known and highly re spot ted lady ot this place has been stricken with paralysis Her condition is critical Notes of the State AV Wasbinutonof Terre Haute editor of the Afro American died yesterday from heat prostration Several persons have been poisoned near i Moores Hill from eating ice cream It is thought all will recover Elwood is to have the benefit of three I new gravel roads They will aggregate 10 miles in length and are to be built at I once I Glassmakers are holding a carnival at Hartford City and many people are pres ent from the glass towns of Indiana and I Ohio Canning factories of northern Indiana I are said to be 40 per cent short in their out put and as a consequence better prices i may prevail The fifth annual reunion of the Keeley graduates will be held at Plainfield Aug 7 8 and 9 An attractive programme has been prepared 1 The laborers in the plateglass works at Elwood asked for a raise of wages from 1 to $125 per day and not getting it are out on a strike Indiana miners are to a man opposed to the 51 cent scale and it is probable that a I fight will be made for a GOrcent rate as tome of the operators are already payinghe latter figure CENTS mlcitioial ton SEND iGI'ICXYL HIE and BET'R TIER ilia anv other paper printi in Indiana The WEEKLY is lurnishcd at £1 a year Liberal lominissions to agents I Subscribe with any of our agents or 1 send direct to Explosion oi' lYniiiiile on the i ji bril inage Canal Chicago July 21 Three men were instantly killed and a fourth badly in jured yesterday by a premature explo sion of dynamite on the (Iraki age ennal near Willow Springs The dead are: 1 Ki iit Mich stoc kholder with a bank stockholder prejudice Air Horr said that Air Alorrill had not meant to that not a dollar had been eoined but that none to speak of had been Mr Harvey said that in raising the point of the coinage of silver prior to 1 873 he wanted to establish a fact in history which had been obscured by false statements that such coinage had not taken place Ho wanted to make this answer in the presence of the gold men Proceeding Air Harvey said that he did not mean to reflect on any integrity because he was a bank stockholder He merely wanted to show that men were swerved in their expression of facts by their in terests Air Harvey then defined scien tific bimetallism to be the free coinage 'of both gold and silver at an assumed ratio Air Horr said this matter of ratio ha little or nothing to do with the (inestion The fact was that all of the ci vilized i i tions of the world refuse I silver and would only bullion value measured might if the other join in admit ring was on'' th i i Big our Route Tuesday August 6th Atthe usuul exceedingly popular Kates ROUTE 1 Can tielp you toM cure valuable i mation in regain to lands fir fi'i'iuiin man niacin ling mining and hone pur puses 1 Deriptive pamphlets he sent on application and lowest rates (noted for passengers and IxaiHehohl goods W' want to iielp you find a pheasant heme mu KS volt tickets wlien you move Write to 0 McCoimiek Martin pr" 4 IH II I fl iW I i I Gon'l Pass Ticket Agt YU i I fcw II KB rt 'i i A jp rm lor 1 more ia Ion for the i i rt i iid 'JLtl Ylli 'ongx July 21 harnw Loartnev LIL 7 aJSWiSMs COPYRIGHTS irra xr jiunnr a A an boi'd or vJltlA i Jiteill8 iS he circuit court here for Tiie i i i in raren I iteteteCp ar 3 hon lam enure 5'J SJ miter cf I ji1 h'hu 'l ut wlrnl else (lid be ever d' 'I'lie Hr toi I st ni' 'i efe ce ok is I lie ill' and oTt ins 'I' com iat i i i i (nt io A mer: can hist ry ami id the "le niadi' I ci'is It I 1 at a i lake ch ot books Il Illis a I in book mm th if 'AUS I1 is a ded in evviy l'mc bteary bv ''ii ms 'mii'L i Hfi er IO 1 ii' In null or 1 i I I ui Jam' I ii ssoi' 'y 1 I' I'uiv' i'iiy I'crtieily o' bd ilo'ius Univisir Cniii wife of a young was crimimdly aosteteltcil and hud Ivt throat from uir to ear Sb was bur years o' murriel only two Tlie alarm was sorind' and ktrge headed by tha sheriff immediately started in pur suit of the murderer nrirdercrs It is said two negio trump were seen iu th" vii'iiiiiy of the Cain farm during the cnoon Late last night AVillinm Divers a ne gro who is siumosed have comn the asmnlr ami btitehery was arres and liis guilt was ontalvl by He was to ill ami ukii td in jail bur a short tnu'1 erward was missing Iron) his cell Cus ei I are wild and hundred: ineii are bnniing for the sheriff under'fhe b'liuf littt the trying Io lalm the negro to Mexico will miraeo 11 me negro is.

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