Wicomico County Circuit Court Jury Duty (2024)

1. Juror Information - Maryland Courts

  • Wicomico County has two Grand Jury terms for 6-months each which begin in March and September. Grand jurors generally serve 2 days per month. Trial jurors, also ...

  • Wicomico County Jury Office102 Court StreetSalisbury, MD 21801

2. Juror Information - Maryland Courts

  • Where do I report for jury duty? The Wicomico County Courthouse is located at 102 Court Street Salisbury, Maryland. The jury assembly room is located at the ...

  • How long is my jury term? The term of service is one month for trial jurors and six months for grand jurors.

3. Circuit Court for Wicomico County

4. Jury Offices and Plans | Maryland Courts

  • Washington County Circuit Court 301-790-7991. Jury Plan · Wicomico County Circuit Court 410-548-4997. Jury Plan · Worcester County Circuit Court 410-632-5660

  • Contact your local jury office if you have a question about your jury service, if you need to change the date of your jury service, or if you have an emergency and are unable to report for jury service on the scheduled date.

5. Parking Information | Wicomico County, MD - Official Website

  • Jurors should park in the City of Salisbury parking garage located a 100 Circle Ave. (See Map) Juror parking is paid for. If you are called for jury service ...

  • Parking Information for Jurors

6. Jury Office - Montgomery County, MD Circuit Court

  • Missing: wicomico | Show results with:wicomico

  • Overview of what services the Jury Office provides and how jury service works

7. Wicomico County Courthouse | District Court - Maryland Criminal Lawyer

  • ... Circuit Court over misdemeanors and some lesser felonies. The District Court does not conduct jury trials. When an offense is punishable by more than 90 ...

  • Wicomico County has two courthouses: the Wicomico County District Court and Circuit Court. If charged in Wicomico, you will likely be one of these courts.

8. [PDF] Circuit Court for Wicomico County Jury Assistant Full Time Salary

  • Duties: This appointed position serves at the pleasure of the County Administrative Judge and is supervised by the Jury Commissioner.

9. Links - Wicomico County State's Attorney

  • Jury Commissioner, Circuit Court for Wicomico County https://www.courts.state.md.us/circuit/wicomico/jurorinformation. District Court of Maryland https ...

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Links - Wicomico County State's Attorney

10. Court Calendar | District of Maryland | United States District Court

  • Reporting for Jury Duty · Juror Fraud Alerts · Juror Policies · Court Locations ... The U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland does not control or ...

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11. [PDF] Overview of the State of Maryland Court System

  • Circuit. Court cases are normally heard by a jury, unless the parties waive the right to a jury. STATE TRIAL COURTS. Allegany County: Type of jurisdiction - ...

Wicomico County Circuit Court Jury Duty (2024)
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